WATCH ‘Forever’ Season 1, Episode 3 Full Live Stream Online Free: ‘The Fountain Of Youth’ With Ioan Gruffudd, Cast, Start Time, Spoilers & ABC Streaming Links [VIDEO]

Tune in to ABC tonight at 10 PM to see what will happen on the very first episode “Forever” Season 1! Watch Episode 3, where we will see “The Fountain Of Youth,” using our free live stream links.

Check out an awesome preview video featuring actor Ioan Gruffudd, spoilers, and more below!

According to the official synopsis of “The Fountain Of Youth,” Episode 3 of Season 1, “Henry and Jo investigate a series of deaths that were caused by an expensive anti-aging potion.” Make sure you tune in to ABC tonight at 10 PM to catch all of the Season 1, Episode 3 excitement! Won’t be able to catch Episode 3 of “Forever” Season 1 on a TV? Well, we’ve got you covered with free online live stream links! Check out a live stream of “Forever” starring Ioan Gruffudd on this ABC free live stream channel online – click here, here, here, or here  to watch Episode 3 from your computer! What should we look forward to for tonight’s episode and the rest of the season? Warning: spoilers ahead! According to the International Business Times , “As Henry Morgan tries to understand death, people in New York will look towards a new anti-ageing drug in “Forever” episode 3.

The new drug is being sold by a clinic, which promises to turn back the clock but may be the cause of deaths in the city.

Henry will find out that Abe is listed as one of the patients of the clinic that is selling the new wonder drug.

Readers who have been following the TV series will remember that Abe is the adopted son of Henry who has aged over the years but Henry has not aged a day.

Police Detective Jo Martinez will accompany Henry in trying to solve the new wave of deaths in the city.

She has come to trust in his judgment and the two have a working professional relationship with a developing friendship.

Jo Martinez’s boss did have her reservations about her relationship with Henry in the previous episode of “Forever,” given that she had lost her husband in less than a year.

But later she relented to the two working together as long as they are able to solve crimes.

Clues about the mysterious caller emerged in the previous episode of “Forever.” The caller claims to be an immortal, like Henry Morgan.

He told Henry that he had been around for more than 2000 years and identified himself as Adam.

He was also wondering why Henry cared about everything.

Adam had sent Henry pictures and notes about his “deaths” in the previous episodes.

Henry believed that Adam may have something to do with the train accident.

Are all the crimes Henry has solved somehow connected to Adam? The promo video of “Forever” episode 3 does not feature Adam.

The character seems to know everything about Henry, while he does not know anything about Adam.

The new case of the wonder drug may give more clues as the case looks strikingly similar to another case from Henry’s past.

Henry Morgan will find that there is a link to the tuberculosis and the current case of the wonder drug in “Forever” episode 3.

Adam seems to know about Henry’s fiancé, Abigail, and knows about the cases Henry tried to solve.

Is Adam instigating crimes from behind the scenes to teach Henry something?” Are you excited for the “Forever” Season 1, Episode 3 yet? It will certainly be interesting to see the brand new series starring Ioan Gruffudd play out over the first season! Check out the “The Fountain Of Youth,” tonight’s episode, trailer preview video here: What else will happen tonight on “Forever” Season 1, Episode 3? You’ll have to wait and see! Tune into ABC, or one of our free online live stream links above, to catch all the excitement of this Season 1 episode starring Ioan Gruffudd, called “The Fountain Of Youth!” The start time is 10 PM so make sure you don’t miss the exciting episode!

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