Watch ‘Dragon Ball Super’ Episode 38 With English Subs! Vegeta Killed By Hit?

Watch 'Dragon Ball Super' Episode 38 With English Subs! Vegeta Killed By Hit?

Watch 'Dragon Ball Super' Episode 38 With English Subs! Vegeta Killed By Hit?

With Vegeta defeating Frost, Magetta and Cabba, many would speculate he can also possibly take down the last fighter from Universe 6.
But contrary to that belief, an episode 38 preview of “Dragon Ball Super” suggests Vegeta will be receiving more damage as Hit easily beat him even in his Super Saiayan blue form. What’s even more interesting in what the trailer showed is that Hit doesn’t even move from his spot while beating Vegeta. This could mean that the entire power of Universe’s 6 assassin is not yet in full force while almost putting Vegeta to death.

With Goku, Beerus and the rest of the team in shock, the trailer showed how Champa is pleased with the turn of events for Universe 6, considering that Hit is the last fighter undefeated from their team.
With Hit’s overwhelming power, intimidating aura and mysterious origin, episode 38 was titled “Here’s Universe 6’s Warrior: Hit, Mightiest of Men!”
According to Christian Times , the overwhelming power of Hit enables him to “use his ki to take flight.” The report also mentioned that the assassin turned fighter has a distinct ability to wipe the area surrounding him with a beam that “eventually pierces his opponent, instantly dazing them.”
As of the moment, little is known regarding Hit’s history, personality, character and how he was able to amass such enormous power. Fans could expect these will all be revealed in the succeeding episodes.
Would Vegeta get killed by Hit? Or would he be finding a way to counter all his opponent’s attacks? Will Goku be stepping up for the Universe 5 team once Vegeta is defeated? The anime series is expected to tell more of the story as soon as episode 38 is released.
“Dragon Ball Super” Episode 38 will air on Fuji TV on April 10.
To watch a preview of the upcoming episode, you can either go here or watch the dubbed episode here .

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