Watch ‘Dragon Ball Super’ Episode 1 Live Stream Free Online: Goku Receives His Wish

Watch 'Dragon Ball Super' Episode 1 Live Stream Free Online: Goku Receives His Wish
Watch 'Dragon Ball Super' Episode 1 Live Stream Free Online: Goku Receives His Wish

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Today marks the first episode of a new “Dragon Ball” series in over 10 years. “Dragon Ball Super” episode 1, entitled “The World Peace Prize. Who’s Getting the 100 Million Zeni,” is now available to watch for free online via website links provided below.

Watch “Dragon Ball Super” Episode 1 “The World Peace Prize. Who’s Getting the 100 Million Zeni” Here
The episode begins with a recap of the fight against Majin Buu and his destruction via a super spirit bomb. After the fight with Majin Buu, using the power of Shenron, Earth’s memories of Buu are erased. So, the new journey begins.
Goku can be found working the land. He rips a tree root out of the ground just as Goten arrives with lunch. Goku eats an intense amount of bento boxes while Goten drives the plow. Goku powers up and starts training but is interrupted when Goten accidentally drives the plow off the side of the mountain.
It would appear that Goku is stuck working for the next six months now that the earth is at peace. Otherwise, he’ll suffer Chi Chi’s wrath. Goten comments that the strongest person in the world is actually Chi Chi.
Elsewhere in the universe, Beerus destroys half of a planet due to not being satisfied with a meal. Meanwhile, Satan makes a speech to the press, promising peace forever on earth. Suddenly, Buu in his docile form yells that he’s hungry and interrupts the press conference. Satan tries to cover it up by saying people from all over the universe come to see him.
Gohan and Videl visit a local bookstore, enjoying a date. Piccolo watches the pair from afar. Goten and Trunks hang out, looking for jewelry for Videl, flying around and causing trouble. Ultimately Trunks convinces Goten that the best gift for Videl will be cosmetics. The pair fly around looking for mineral spring water.
Suddenly, Trunks and Goten are attacked by a giant snake. Trunks beats up the snake and the water is saved. Goten gives Videl the water as a wedding gift. Later, Goku and Goten run into Satan. Satan tells them about receiving the world peace prize and the 100 million zeni prize. He then gives it to Goku.
Goku is about to give away the money but Goten reminds him that if he gives the money to Chi Chi he’ll be able to go train with King Kai. This is exactly what happens, as Chi Chi is happy to use the money to send Goten to the best schools. Goku heads out to train with King Kai.
But something ominous is looming…
Fans can also watch “Dragon Ball Super” episode one here .

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