Watch Dogs PS4 Cheats, Tips, Tricks And Secrets; Hidden Weapons, Spots And Money Making Techniques Listed Here

Watch Dogs Cheats For PS4, Xbox One, PS3 And Xbox 360:   This recently released open world game excited gamers as it would be a ground breaking game that was highly anticipated and delivered very well when it was released.

Watch Dogs garnered a lot of respect and thumbs up among gamers as it proved to be as entertaining as it was told to be.

Exploring the city built in the game would mean a lot of fun and exploring it with a little extra unlockables would make it more fun.

Here are some Watch Dogs Cheats, Tips & Tricks for PS4, Xbox One, PS3 And Xbox 360 that would make the game a little bit more exciting and fun to play.

Be the best poker player   in the game.

Go to High Stakes Poker game in The Loop district and play a Texas Hold Em’ poker game.

On the left top part when sitting during the game, hack into the camera to see the facial expression of the people you are playing with or even see the cards that they have.

Keep on cheating your way thru the poker game and not only would you have fun playing poker but also have fun in stealing money off people.

Weapons Biometric assault rifle: Successfully complete the pre-order Signature Shot DLC missions.

Tommy Gun: Find all QR Codes to unlock the QR Code investigation mission.

Successfully complete the mission to unlock the Tommy Gun weapon.

Vehicles Vespid LE: Collect all eight hidden burner phones.

  Perks and bonuses ATM hack boost: Successfully complete the “Palace Pack” mission.

This boost increases cash rewards when hacking banks.

Investigation bonus: Successfully complete the “Palace Pack” mission.

This bonus allows more investigative opportunities inside the network databanks.

Vehicle expert perk: Successfully complete the ULC mission in “The Breakthrough Pack”.

This perk allows free vehicles from the Underground Car Contact and discounts on selected cars.

Alternate costumes Black Viceroys outfit: Successfully complete the pre-order “Signature Shot” DLC missions.

Blume Agent outfit: Unlocked through the “Blume Agent Pre-Order Pack”.

It gives a weapon boost (greatly reduced recoil).

Chicago South Club outfit: Unlocked through “The Club Justice Single Player Pack”.

It gives a driving boost (more hit points to vehicles).

CyberPunk outfit: Unlocked through “The CyberPunk Single Player Pack”.

It gives the Cyberpunk gun.

DedSec outfit: Unlocked through “The DedSec Shadow Single Player Pack”.

It gives a hacking boost (one battery slot).

Untouchables outfit: Unlocked through “The Untouchables Pre-Order Pack”.

It gives the Thompson submachine gun.

White Hat Hacker outfit: Successfully complete the four PlayStation exclusive missions.

It gives a hacking boost (one battery slot).

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