Watch ‘Dance With Devils’ Episode 2 Live Stream Free Online: Rem Saves Ritsuka, Lind Arrives

Watch 'Dance With Devils' Episode 2 Live Stream Free Online: Rem Saves Ritsuka

Watch 'Dance With Devils' Episode 2 Live Stream Free Online: Rem Saves Ritsuka, Lind Arrives

Funimation is now streaming a new episode of the “Dance with Devils” anime series online. Episode two is entitled “Jitterbug of Doubts and Secrets.” For those without subscriptions, below there are two links to websites streaming free episodes online.

Watch “Dance with Devils” Episode 2 Here
We pick up with Ritsuka riding in the car with Rem to her friend’s house. Rem insists that his house is safer, but she still declines. When the pair arrive to school, there’s immediate gossip. Ritsuka meets with Azuna and they talk about her mom’s disappearance.
Ritsuka finds it hard to concentrate in class as she can only think of her mom. Later at lunch, Rem summons Ritsuka to the library. She’s greeted first by Urie, who tells her to dump Rem for him. Shiki approaches next, trying to be comforting but mainly being creepy.
Mage then straight up pulls Ritsuka into an embrace and that is the last straw. Luckily it’s not too long before Rem arrives and gives Ritsuka the details of her mother’s whereabouts. He tells them they should go.
After a somewhat awkward lunch trip to Nagano prefecture, Ritsuka and Rem arrive to a house. Unfortunately the place has been ransacked and Ritsuka’s mom is nowhere to be found. They do find her cell phone. Rem comforts her.
Rem brings the grimoire back up as the possible reason for the kidnapping. Ritsuka has no idea about it. When they try to leave, they find the living room on fire. Ritsuka is almost hurt but Rem saves her. A fire has been set by the mysterious group of kidnapers.
Rem begins his attack after sending Ritsuka to safety. Rem arrives outside with no scratches. Ritsuka tries to hug him, but he pulls away. The pair leave the house and head back to the city. When they get there, Ritsuka’s brother Lind has arrived.
Fans can also watch “Dance with Devils” episode two here .

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