Watch ‘Chaika The Coffin Princess’ Season 2 Episode 7 Live Stream Free Online: Chaika Battles Her Way Through The Hartgen Tournament

Wednesday marks another new episode of “Chaika the Coffin Princess” season 2, “Avenging Battle.” The latest episode entitled “Black Agenda” features Chaika and cast battling it out though the Hartgen tournament.

The series is currently being simulcast through Crunchyroll, but fans can find additional links to watch free episodes of “Chaika the Coffin Princess” below.

Watch “Chaika the Coffin Princess” Season 2 Episode 7 “Black Agenda” Here Synopsis: This episode continues where Episode 6 left off with Chaika and cast entering the Hartgen tournament.

“The main characters steamroll their way through a generous supply of generic baddies, gathering red armbands to qualify for the next round.

In the meantime, Hartgen reveals part of his plan and the other nations continue arguing over what to do about it.” In addition to this general progression, this episode also features a scene of Toru and Akari sneaking into the castle and they also briefly clash with Shin.

Additionally, there’s also the enjoyable antics of Frederica who remains good humored, even while utterly destroying her opponents.

Finally, there’s an intense encounter between Vivi and Chaika.

They don’t share any new information but there’s an intensity that hints at future conflict between the two characters, Vivi being most aggressive when anyone compares her to Chaika.

As for what critics thought of this episode, Anime News Network critic Paul Jensen gave the episode a B-, mainly for the way in which this episode doesn’t really reveal any new information.

Either way, there’s at least solid action for those who watch “Chaika the Coffin Princess’ mainly for action sequences.

Fans can also watch “Chaika the Coffin Princess” season 2 episode 7 here.


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