Watch ‘Chaika The Coffin Princess Season 2 Episode 6 Live Stream Free Online Here! Chaika Heads To ‘The Castle Of Madness’

Wednesday marks a new exciting episode of ‘Chaika the Coffin Princess’ season two, “Avenging Battle.” This week’s episode, which is entitled “The Castle of Madness,” was simulcast via Crunchyroll.

Crunchyroll requires a monthly subscription to view simulcasts, but thankfully fans can also view “Chaika the Coffin Princess” season two free online by clicking on links below.

Watch “Chaika the Coffin Princess” Season 2 Episode 6 “The Castle of Madness” Here Synopsis (via Anime News Network ): This episode begins with Chaika and party restarting their quest for the Emperor’s remains.

This comes in the form of a hint (that’s quite suspicious) from Guy.

The Principality of Hartgen is holding a “martial arts” tournament where the prize is a portion of the Emperor’s remains.

Martial arts doesn’t mean exactly what fans might think: basically participants are allowed to use whatever weapons, armor, powers etc they can carry.

Ultimately this makes for plenty of bad guys for everyone to fight and as always beautiful animation when they eventually are able to.

While the red and white Chaikas may have had a truce last week, this week they’ll go head to head in the tournament along with Vivi.

Additionally, “with the Acura siblings on course to reunite with their old mentor, and Gillette finally rejoining the action, we may also get some closure on several unresolved side stories.

As usual, the show’s strong ensemble cast helps add excitement to a familiar premise.” Anime News Network’s review of this episode of “Chaika the Coffin Princess” season two is rated B, and it appears to be largely because of the delay in action necessary to set up the new story arc.

Nevertheless, perhaps fans will have plenty to look forward to as the tournament gets underway.

Fans can always watch “Chaika the Coffin Princess” season 2 episode 6 here .


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