Watch ‘Beautiful Bones: Sakurako’s Investigation’ Episode 1 Live Stream Free Online: Sakurako Finds A Skull

Watch 'Beautiful Bones: Sakurako's Investigation' Episode 1 Live Stream Free Online: Sakurako Finds A Skull

Watch 'Beautiful Bones: Sakurako's Investigation' Episode 1 Live Stream Free Online: Sakurako Finds A Skull

Courtesy of Crunchyroll, episode one of “Beautiful Bones: Sakurako’s Investigation” is now streaming online. For those without subscriptions, below there are links to websites streaming free episodes online.

Watch “Beautiful Bones: Sakurako’s Investigation” Episode 1 Here
The episode begins with Imai with Tatewaki on his way to school in the spring. A bunch of students at his school gather around a dead cat that appears to have been run over. Tatewaki asks for materials to bury the cat.
Tatewaki recalls that his life has significantly changed since meeting Sakurako. Tatewaki is helped with the burying the cat by Kougami, a girl from another class, and their life sciences teacher. They all recall the motif of dead bodies buried under cherry trees in a story.
Tatewaki meets up with Sakurako, a woman who comes from a prominent family and loves bones. She works as a caretaker of bones. Tatewaki is not exactly sure if their relationship is romantic in nature, but it seems to be something more than friendship.
Sakurako drives the pair out to the ocean to hunt for the bones of a whale. Tatewaki only helps at the promise of Alaskan shrimp. To their surprise, they find a human skull. Sakurako explains what a buttfly bone on male skull.
She and Tatewaki share a brief seemingly romantic moment before Sakurako begins obsessing over the beauty of the skull. Tatewaki calls the police to retrieve the skull and Sakurako tries to run. When the police arrive, Sakurako tells them that they’ll never find the killer of the person because the skull is likely over 100 years. She bases this on the poor shape of the teeth.
As such, she demands to keep the skull. The police officer tells them they still need to go to the station. On the way to the station, Sakurako forces them to stop at the crime scene of an alleged double suicide. She looks over the bodies and tells them that the bodies are actually a double homicide disguised as a double suicide.
The detectives get pissed off at Sakurako, but when they hear she’s the niece of a famous forensic scientist, they calm down. At the station, Sakurako explains why the double suicide is indeed a homicide: the not they tied together is in the wrong direction, their hands hadn’t revealed a struggle while drowning, and their mouths revealed no signs of drowning.
Sakurako tries to escape the station with the skill, but thankfully Tatewaki stops her. The pair head to her house for dinner. Tatewaki is excited because ultimately, Sakurako’s aunt has brought Alaskan shrimp.
Fans can also watch “Beautiful Bones: Sakurako’s Investigation” episode one here .

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