Watch ‘Ajin’ Episode 5 Live Stream Free Online

Watch 'Ajin' Episode 5 Live Stream Free Online

Watch 'Ajin' Episode 5 Live Stream Free Online

Courtesy of fan sub teams, a new episode of “Ajin” is now streaming online. Episode five of “Ajin” can be streamed online using the following website links.

Watch “Ajin” Episode 5 Here
This week’s episode begins with Tosaki and Izumi arrive at place where Tanaka and Satou took Kei. Tosaki calls headquarters. It appears that they have betrayed Kei and left him to humans in order to get him to realize that humans are the enemy.
Kei wakes up in bandages. Doctors cut off his limbs and send them in for analysis. They estimate that he has died a few times already while on the operating table. Behind the glass, Tosaki and Izumi watch the experiment. Izumi uses her own ajin abilities to inform Tosaki what his black ghost is doing. Tosaki warns her that she’ll be next if not for him keeping her secret.
Kei despairs and has visions of Tanaka telling him that he should get off his high horse about humans and realize the truth. Kei still cannot kill. He feels that killing a human would be betrayal. But he also owes Kai is his everything because Kai risked his life.
Tanaka and Satou head to the facility where Kei is being held in order to rescue him and capture the biophysicist professor Ogura. Satou announces that after tonight, Japan’s ajin situation will change drastically. Tosaki informs them to use sedatives because they’d otherwise revive themselves.
That’s exactly what Satou does as he works his way through a bunch of guards by shooting himself in the head. Ogura arrives to the lock down room and explains that humans can’t see IBM, or the invisible black matter that is projected by ajin.
Satou finds Kei in a morgue and revives him. When Kei apologizes for causing so much trouble, Satou calls the operation a failure.
Fans can also watch “Ajin” episode five here . 

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