Wardrobe Inspection: K-Pop’s Best Dressed September 2015

Wardrobe Inspection: K-Pop's Best Dressed September 2015

Wardrobe Inspection: K-Pop's Best Dressed September 2015

Wardrobe Inspection: K-Pop's Best Dressed September 2015

After a blazing summer full of hot comebacks, artists are returning with refreshingly warm and fun comebacks for the fall.
September included releases from Seventeen, GOT7 and a long awaited CNBLUE return. Let’s check out some of this past month’s best music video trends:

“Mansae” by Seventeen

After their successful debut with the track “Adore U”, the thirteen heartthrobs are back with a new song that will have you cheering “Mansae”!  The school boy look is one we’ve seen plenty of times, but it depends on how the concept is done. Seventeen went for a more refreshing and innocent look to win the heart not only the main girl in the music video, but of each fan as well. Since Seventeen is divided into the performance, vocal, and hip-hop team, each unit took on a different theme. The performance unit went for a vibrant and bold look with youngest member, Dino, donning a pattern reminiscent of a summer picnic table. The hip-hop unit went a bit edgier with ripped denim and graphic tees while their vocal unit took well to a private boarding school student look.
“So, Dangerous” by UP10TION

The ten-member boy group, UP10TION, released their debut EP this month with the title track “So, Dangerous”. The track featured strong choreography with a classic black and white dress. Their all white outfits featured group logos in what was probably the most color in the entire video.
“Cinderella” by CNBLUE

After over a year and a half since their last comeback, CNBLUE is back with their catchy title song “Cinderella”. A few of the outfits featured on the the boys were a mix of a modern day college student fused with a hint of the old west. Jungshin went for more a chic look while Yonghwa was more relaxed in a classic black T-shirt.
“Ssenunni” by Jessi

The strong and charismatic unpretty rapstar, Jessi, graced the stage once again this month with her title track “Ssenunni”. While many fans had already been used to Jessi’s golden highlighted locks, the rapper made a daring switch to a sleek jet black. Much of the music video featured athletic hip-hop wear, thick jewelry and boldly alluring make-up. The back-up dancers donned camouflage crop-tops with leg-accentuating black shorts while Jessi switch black for a faded denim piece.
“My Type” by iKON

After what seemed like a period of forever, fans are finally getting to see iKON is full-action. The group having made their official debut has already dropped three music videos showcasing the unique charms of the newest YG group. iKON released “My Type” on September 14 and is quickly approaching the seven million view mark. Rather than being an extra flashy, “My Type” features a laid back comfortable style fit for the changing seasons.
“Dumb Dumb” by Red Velvet

These five ladies definitely put the ‘red’ in Red Velvet during their latest comeback for “Dumb Dumb”. The five girls were seen sporting over-sized T-shirts, high-waisted shorts with rainbow colored stocking between them. The look that seemed to really resonate was their quirky Pippy Longstocking and vibrant red maiden doll dresses.
“Service” by VIVIDIVA

Probably one of the most interesting concepts of September is rookie group VIVIDIVA. In their music video for “Service”, the quintet goes through a series of multi-colored maid outfits each offering what seems to be a different type tutorial. At one point, each member wears a light blue and black polka-dotted maid outfit topped off with a pair of sparkling bunny ears; definitely a comeback concept we haven’t seen in quite a while.
“If You Do” by GOT7

GOT7 made a complete 180° from the vibrantly colorful “Just Right” to their follow-up track “If You Do”. The boy shifted between a rugged yet sleek all black biker style, to punk graphic tees, and finally to faded “dramatic loan shark” suits. Regardless of the switch in attire, GOT7 still manages to look “Just Right”.
“Magic” by Super Junior

Releasing their own follow-up track as well, Super Junior showed us the “Magic” in their latest music video as part two of their anniversary album. Befitting with the light-hearted melody, Super Junior took to inviting patterns for their blazers before unleashing the classic street wear look on the court!
“Roll Deep” by HyunA feat. Jung IlHoon of BTOB

HyunA is back and as daring as ever in her newest solo track “Roll Deep”. HyunA is draped in neon rave style attire paired with an abundance of short-shorts and fish nets. Perhaps one of HyunA’s most eye-grabbing ensembles is her dollar printed swimsuit and hair buns complete with a toy gun gadget.
Phew! September was packed full of great comebacks! This October we can expect more releases from Lovelyz, BTOB, and the solo debut of Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon.
Until then, who was your best dressed of September?

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