Wardrobe Inspection: K-Pop’s Best Dressed March 2015

Wardrobe Inspection: K-Pop's Best Dressed March 2015
Wardrobe Inspection: K-Pop's Best Dressed March 2015

March 2015 was definitely a month to be reckoned with having had a series of strong comebacks from beginning to end.

With strong comebacks comes strong fashion; let’s see what was brought to the runway this month!

“Flower” by XIA (Kim Junsu) Xia (Junsu) of JYJ definitely had out eyes glued to the screen with attention-grabbing music video for “Flower”.

Xia has become known for his powerful and unique style and “Flower” was no exception.

It is not often that we see a music video done quite like this and even the fashion choice fit well with the distinctive concept.

The video featured many jaw-dropping aesthetics and the props used were also some boosters that help take the rich concept even further.

“Hi~” by Lovelyz Lovelyz was like a breath of spring air during the month of March with their comeback for “Hi~”.

The ladies stayed with a refreshing concept of pure white blouses and pastel toned skirts.

At a couple points in the music video, the members are seen in subtle lolita-style dresses in black and white.

“You’re Pitiful” by FIESTAR Fiestar came back sexier than even in their latest video for “You’re Pitiful”.

The ladies dressed in all-white skin tight pants with matching white tops that accentuated each of their S-lines.

For the other dance scenes in the music video, Fiestar donned all black and all leg for an alluring chair dance.

Their individual shots featured blasts of red, black and gold along with shimmering tops.

This is a great contrast to some of their previous tracks like “Vista” and “We Don’t Stop” showing that these ladies can indeed pull off a number of different styles.

“Growing Pains” by D&E It has been quite sometimes since we’ve seen the sub-unit of Donghae and Eunhyuk have Korean promotions, but fans didn’t have to wait any longer once March hit.

D&E returned with the subtle and smooth R&B toned track, “Growing Pains”.

While Donghae went for the classically chic look, Eunhyuk went for the bad boy leather style.

However during their individual shots, Eunhyuk traded out for the college campus style while Donghae retained his chic attire.

“Apple” by Gain Gain returned to us once more dazzling our eyes a in a brilliant red outfit for her title track “Apple”.

The music video featured vibrant greens and reds making Gain’s beauty stand out more than usual.

Of course, Gain donned her signature trademark coal-lined eyes with pouty red lips to finish it off.

“Ice Cream Cake” by Red Velvet Red Velvet went full-on Barbie with their new concept for “Ice Cream Cake”.

Each went with various tones of blonde and even donned a pair of blue contacts to complete the doll look.

Red Velvet’s newest addition, Yeri, stood out among the rest having kept her hair a tad darker than those of her fellow members.

While Joy was indeed blonde, she also went for a deep strawberry tone to her locks.

Though in different colors, Red Velvet stayed true to their overall theme of sweaters and skirts.

The ladies rocked bold colors all the way to bright pastels.

“Only You” by miss A Pinks, and Blues and Midriff’s! Oh my! For their latest comeback, miss A utilized each hue of pink for their outfits and pulled it off nicely.

Fans were able to get sneak peek of what miss A looks like as they lounge around in their robes and rollers giving off a more comfortable feeling.

Right when you fall in love with the pink and leisure wear, miss A shows their versatility switching to a dazzling royal blue number.

Throughout most of the music video, the gorgeous ladies are flaunting their midriffs “Call Me Baby” by EXO If miss A wasn’t enough already, EXO helped us get in one last kick having released their dynamic music video for “Call Me Baby” on the 30th.

The music video scored a new record having hit over two million views only 10 hours after it was uploaded.

For this concept, EXO threw away their school uniforms and got rid of their charming suits trading up for a new style.

The boys dressed down in what would be a hybrid between street wear and rocker style while their hair reached new designs thanks to gel and a good amount of hair spray.

Next month we’re expecting comebacks from MAMAMOO, Dal Shabet, and more! But for now, who was your best dressed for March 2015?

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