Walking Dead Game Season 3 Release Date “Somehwere In 2015,” Walking Dead Season 1 And 2 To Be Released On Xbox One And PS4 [PHOTO]

“Walking Dead Season 2″ has been getting generally positive feeback from reviewers and gamers alike, it has come out on hard copy, and now Telltale games is looking forward to season 3, which is confirmed to be in the works. 

Telltale’s Senior Vice President of Publishing Steve Allison about Season Two, the Telltale style, and their two new series, Tales from the Borderlands and Game of Thrones.

The IB Times had a recent interview with Telltale’s Vice President, who had a lot to say about the Walking Dead game Franchise.

” Steve Allison: We’re very happy with the continued success we’ve had with The Walking Dead: Season Two.

It’s on pace to do slightly better than what The Walking Dead: Season One did in its first 12 months digitally – and that was a good initial 12 months.

We are continually and incrementally evolving our tools and tech that provide the backbone for our games.

We build games a little bit differently than most other game companies in that our games are ubiquitous and platform agnostic, so it’s always important for us to provide the same experience across a wide range of platforms.

The new next-gen systems by virtue of their increased power certainly provide some performance benefits organically that we are happy about.

We have also added asynchronous loading to our upcoming Tales from the Borderlands and Game of Thrones series that significantly improve our loading times versus some of our older game series on all platforms from mobile to next gen consoles.

The Walking Dead: Season One really showed a lot of people for the first time that playable stories can be very powerful rivalling – for some people – TV and film-based entertainment in terms of emotional engagement.

Discovering that was really magical for a ton of people.

We hear from a lot of our fans that it was the first game that ever made them cry.

Everything we do after that will not provide people with that first discovery Season One gave in that context, but that doesn’t diminish anything as far as we’re concerned.

It wasn’t always necessarily the plan, but as Season One started to come to a close, it simply became clear that the best way to continue Clementine’s story was to put her in the lead, and put the player in control of shaping who ‘their’ Clementine would become.

In hindsight, we don’t think there’s any other way we would have done it.

The only challenge was getting over the notion that we ourselves would ever hold back from putting Clem through anything we might have put Lee through just because she was a child.

In Robert Kirkman’s world, survival is more binary.

As Chuck said in Season One, advising Lee for the sake of Clem’s survival, “You gotta consider her a living person, that’s it! You’re either living or you’re not.” I think the team really latched onto Chuck’s advice early on, and once we did, the rest of the path for the season became much clearer.

We always have to balance storytelling and interactivity in what we do but the storytelling will always win.

When a puzzle can be organic and really make sense within the context of our fiction we are always going to present that to our audience.

What we won’t do is shoehorn in puzzles to fill time or check a box.

The story that we took players through in Season Two just didn’t have as many natural moments to build puzzles around, like starting the train to Savannah gave us in Episode 3 of Season One.

How far along are the plans for Season Three, do you have a basic story in mind? We have announced that The Walking Dead: Season Three is coming but we’re not ready to share any details yet.

Do you ever think about how your Walking Dead story might end? Is a happy ending even possible in this world, or is the fight for survival really about finding smaller, briefer moments of happiness? [As The Walking Dead creator] Robert Kirkman once said, The Walking Dead is like a zombie movie that never ends and we view it in much the same way.

The world is forever changed and the stories now are about the people, how humanity changes and moves on.

Individual stories in the universe can have positive endings and outcomes, we do believe that.

It can be argued that the traditional definition of happiness probably doesn’t apply in the universe of the Walking Dead so I hesitate to use the words “happy ending” as it relates to the franchise.” The most recent news is that Telltale is releasing a Clementine action figure.

Telltale Games has announced “The Walking Dead: Season One” will be released on PS4 and Xbox One in North America on October 14th.

“The Walking Dead: Season Two” goes on sale for current gen and last gen consoles October 21st.

Newsarama says ,” The Walking Dead: Season 2 Episode 5: No Going Back.

It’s a masterpiece of gaming.

It’s a masterpiece of storytelling.

It’s a masterpiece of a morality play.

The beauty of Telltale’s promise, to deliver games that hybridize all these things, is fully realized here, in what can only be called the best gaming experience I’ve had in the modern era of video games.” TDN.com says, ” In the end, “The Walking Dead: Season 2, Episode 5″ will remind you just how powerful good storytelling can be.

It also will affirm just how stellar a character Clementine is.

While my version of our heroine is probably a tad more callous than she had to be, I don’t regret the choices I made with her.

Each of those choices showed us the truth behind those we love, hate and simply tolerate for what they bring to the table.

Every decision led to a beautifully designed conclusion with a strong and tempered Clementine at its core, and that’s all I ever wanted.

Lee would be proud.” Not everyone was so impressed however, Game Central for Metro said, “I thought the finale of this season was terribly contrived; one, normally quiet and aloof character, suddenly decided to become antagonistic towards an overtly volatile character.

There was also a scene involving two, normally benevolent characters, who tuned into treacherous swines – apparently on a whim.” Telltale Games confirmed that there will be a third season of The Walking Dead video game during San Diego Comic Con on 26 July 2014.

While The Walking Dead: Season 3 has been confirmed, it will probably be awhile until we get to play it.

Telltale Games IS currently working on “Tales from the Borderlands” and an adventure game based on “Game of Thrones.” Expect the release date Season 3 of The Walking Dead to begin in late 2015, perhaps even early 2016.

Very little is known about what will happen in “Walking Dead Season 3” Telltale made the announcement during a San Diego Comic-Con panel for Skybound Entertainment, the publishing imprint founded in 2010 by Robert Kirkman, the creator of The Walking Dead.

Telltale and Kirkman have yet to release any details about the third season.

We don’t know where and when it will take place, or if it will even feature Clementine, who was introduced in the first season and who was the protagonist of the second season.

Season 3 is still in the planning stage as of right now.

According to Videogamesblogger.com Telltale Games founder Kevin Bruner said, “Will there be a Season 3? Ok…

there WILL be a Season 3.

Yes, we are going to be making Season 3.

– And it’s coming SOON? No, it will be coming LATER.

Not this year […] but 2015.” As Robert Kirkman (The Walking Dead creator) & Kevin Bruner (founder of Telltale Games) confirmed: “There WILL be a 3rd season of The Walking Dead from Telltale!”

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