VIXX & Their Successful Use Of Themes [Blog]

VIXX & Their Successful Use Of Themes [Blog]
VIXX & Their Successful Use Of Themes [Blog]

In two short years, VIXX has become one of the most popular boy groups in K-Pop.

How did this happen? One word, themes.

In 2012, VIXX  were just one of a multitude of new groups in Korea.

The amount of group debuts that year was approximately double from 2011.

Competition for attention and sales was fierce.

Some groups had the backing of a big company, like EXO, and others used strange gimmicks, such as AOA’s half angel concept.

However, most were forgotten as they had little marketing coming from a small company (Phantom, Skarf), were too generic to stand out (Tahiti) or were just not good enough (Two X).

So how did a group from a relatively smaller company at the time, with a low-key debut end up with eight music show wins and upcoming solo concerts in Chicago and New York ? The answer to that is theme .

Or rather VIXX’s use of themes in their songs.

Most groups take a concept with each new release, like a sexy, aegyo, hip-hop or dark, and use it as their visual scheme.

But very rarely does it influence the rest of their song.

VIXX on the other hand, starting with On and On  took a theme and expressed it in every aspect of their release.

The music, lyrics, costumes, choreography, and delivery are all tied to one theme.

This offers a thoroughly satisfying and cohesive song whereas we are used to snippets of a concept.

What they did was to take a dark fantasy concept and built upon themes based on this niche.

This helped them first of all to stand out from the crowd of boy groups doing powerful concepts like Beast or hip-hop concepts like Big Bang, but it was the clarity of their themes which raised them above in terms of quality.

Starting with On and On , we see the much used vampire concept.

This concept does not exactly inspire great confidence as a start.

However, VIXX’s execution of the concept did, as we were seeing vampires as more than just a costume.

The theme started with the visual, which was instantly striking as all the members wore contact lenses for the video and their performances.

This set the other worldly feeling they were looking for, and they followed through with all other aspects.

As soon as you start listening to the song it is compounded with a sample of the theme song from Phantom of the Opera  which not only sets the tone but fits thematically with the lyrics.

These are about a dangerous woman whom VIXX cannot stay away from.

They are willing to become vampires just to be with her.

This mirrors the story of the Phantom of the Opera  as it also revolves around a dangerous relationship similar to On and On .


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