VIXX Promise Singapore Fans An Unforgettable Show For ‘Fantasia Utopia’ Concert This Week [EXCLUSIVE]

VIXX Promise Singapore Fans An Unforgettable Show For 'Fantasia Utopia' Concert This Week [EXCLUSIVE]
VIXX Promise Singapore Fans An Unforgettable Show For 'Fantasia Utopia' Concert This Week [EXCLUSIVE]

South Korean boy band VIXX will be performing their first solo concert in Singapore on May 29 and ahead of the exciting event, the group took some time to answer a few of our questions via email.


Earlier this month, you were in Washington DC for Earth Day.

What were your impressions of America’s capital? Had you been there before? What was it like sharing the bill with Usher and Did you get a chance to meet them? If so, please describe the encounter.

A: It was really glorious for us to even participate in such a meaningful event.

And there were more fans present than we expected, so we were able to do our best performance without being nervous.

Specially seeing Will.I.AM and Usher was such a great time.

We went to see Usher right after our performance and we really admire him as a musician.

We will never forget the moment that we gifted them copies of our albums.


On your most recent single “Boys’ Record” you covered R.ef’s “Farewell Formula.” In recent months there has been a trend of ’90s acts making comebacks and early K-Pop songs being revitalized for a younger generation.

Why do you think the ’90s have returned to Hallyu in such a major way? A: We think music is like a time-machine which helps to link the old and new generations.

To older people, a ‘remake’ song is to remind them of their memories and it is a channel of communication to understand our parents’ era.

So many 90’s songs besides [“Love Equation”] are in demand.


How do you come up with the different concepts and looks for the band? Please describe the team you work with and how much input the label allows you.

A: We create new ideas with our company’s department that focuses on concept and costumes specially.


How has K-Pop changed since you started out? What change has been most surprising for you? A: K-Pop has been loved by many fans abroad even before our debut.

Whenever we see lovely local fans who welcome us on our first visit to their cities, we realize that K-pop is really influential in many nations.


Ravi, you were involved in writing all three songs for the “Boys’ Record” EP.

Did you have a particular vision in mind for the album as a whole? With each new album, you’ve taken on a more active role, not only with the lyric writing but with the arranging as well.

Do you think you’d like to try producing VIXX or working with other artists? A: As I know our members better than anyone else, it could make a good masterpiece as long as I go in the same direction as the rest of the album.

And I would really enjoy working with other artists once the opportunities come to me.


Your current tour is called Fantasia Utopia.

Please talk a bit about where the title came from, whose idea it was and what it means.

A: The definition of the word ‘Utopia’ is a desirable and ideal world, so we tried to show you something unique that you have never seen before.

Utopia is our wish to make a very special show for you.


What can fans expect at the Utopia concert in Singapore? Will there be any special stages/performances? A: As we always do, we are preparing very hard to show the fans all about us.

Because this is a first time to meet you in Singapore, we’ll make sure to make a very special show you can enjoy with us.

  KpopStarz would like to thank VIXX and Three Angles Production for the exclusive interview with VIXX.

“VIXX Live Fantasia Utopia in Singapore 2015” will be held on May 29 at The Max Pavilion, Singapore Expo.

Tickets from $128 are available on all SISTIC channels.

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