VIXX Members Are Dark Gentlemen In ‘The Star’ Behind The Scenes Video

VIXX Members Are Dark Gentlemen In 'The Star' Behind The Scenes Video
VIXX Members Are Dark Gentlemen In 'The Star' Behind The Scenes Video

The VIXX members transformed into dark gentlemen for THE STAR ‘s latest behind-the-scenes video.

The “Error” singers are featured in a bad boy-inspired pictorial for the November issue of the fashion magazine.

The photoshoot theme revolves around structured suits, greased up hair, and strong black-and-white contrasts.

In the behind the scenes video, the members pose for the camera with smoldering stares, while wearing black vests, leather jackets and stylish wool hats.

They try different playful modeling poses as the photographer snaps away.  Ravi pretends to drink from a silver teacup, Ken raises his hairdryer like a gun, and Leo brings an empty flask to his lips.

The video also takes you through the makeup and styling process, as the members sit patiently while getting fake tattoos applied to their necks, forearms, and chests.

Despite the powerful style theme, Ravi waves enthusiastically into the camera and Hongbin even flashes a dazzling smile.

To see the full pictorial remember to buy the latest issue of THE STAR .

VIXX is currently promoting their comeback track “Error” and recently released the track’s Japanese PV.

They will embark on their second US showcase tour next week , and are scheduled to perform in Chicago and New York.

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