VIXX Greet 2,000 Fans At Their Chicago And New York Showcases

VIXX Greet 2
VIXX Greet 2

Boy group VIXX has successfully completed their showcases in Chicago and New York.

On November 22 they performed in Chicago and on November 22 they performed in New York for their 2014 VIXX US Showcase and met with a total of 2,000 fans.

Last year, they held their showcase in Dallas and L.A and was also a great success.

This year is their second year visiting the states to meet with their U.S.


VIXX prepared a variety of different performances from powerful to sweet and emotional stages and had fans supporting them throughout the concert.

They opened the showcase with their most recent title song, ” Error ” and continued with many other hit songs from “Hyde” to “Voodoo Doll” and more and grabbed their fans attention the entire show.

At the showcase, VIXX showed off their energetic performances and great visuals for an overall stellar concert.

Fans that came out to see the group were seen shouting and supporting the group’s every move on stage, making them the same, if not more, excited and loyal fans of the group.

The fans are also seen singing all the songs along with the group, showing their true support as a fan.

VIXX also prepared a Q&A session with their fans during the concert, allowing the fans and the group to interact on a more personal level.

After the showcase, they also held a high touch event where all 2,000 fans were able to meet the group and see them at a closer distance.

Also, it was interesting to see fans of many different ages at this concert, making it a special and unforgettable moment for the group.

On the other hand, VIXX returned to Korea on November 24 and is currently busy with promotions for their new song, “Error.”

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