[VIDEO] New ‘Fate/Stay Night’ TV Ad Revealed That Highlights Character Taiga Fujimura, ‘Heaven’s Feel’ Anime Film In Production?

In just two more days, fans of the popular “Fate/stay night” franchise will gather in seven major cities for a one of a kind special simultaneous release of the first episode of the new “Ultimate Blade Works” television anime.

Excitement has continued to build about the upcoming anime as six new teaser TV spots were released over the past few weeks.

Today the 7th TV spot released focuses on the character of Taiga Fujimura and her refusal to acknowledge her status.

In addition, with the “Heaven’s Feel” anime film being greenlit earlier in the summer, is it safe to say that production on the film is fully underway? Back in 2011 in a special interview celebrating the 10th anniversary of Type Moon, “Fate/stay night” creator Kinoko Nasu said to Type Moon Ace 7 , “Thinking about that, with both Ryougi Shiki in Kara no Kyoukai and Emiya Shirou in ‘Fate/stay night’, the characters suffer from trying to come to terms with problems in their own narrow perspectives.” It’s now 2014, and the highly anticipated new “Ultimate Blade Works” version of “Fate/stay night” is only days away.

If excitement wasn’t already on an all time high, the 7th TV ad was released earlier this morning and it focuses on the character Taiga Fujimura.

According to Anime News Network , “In the ad, Shirō asks Taiga why, given her lineage, she’s eating at his house every day like a freeloader, to which she responds “because it’s my house.” For those who won’t be able to attend the simultaneous releases, the new anime will be simulcast on Hulu and Crunchyroll on October 4th.

When the new “Fate/stay night” anime was announced there was also an announcement that a new full length anime film based on the “Heaven’s Feel” game route.

Since the film was greenlit a month, it’s possible that production is fully underway.

Additionally, if the production company wants to ride the hype for “Fate/stay night,” production would be necessary at this point to make a release after the second part of the series airs in April.

No official announcement has been made, but fans can check out the newest TV ad for “Fate/stay night” below.


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