[VIDEO] Aniplex Reveals New Trailer For ‘Fate/Stay Night’ One Hour Premieres After Multi Country Simultaneous Release

“Fate/Stay night” fans across the globe who were lucky enough to attend the one of a kind simultaneous release of the new Unlimited Blade Works edition of the anime, may be soon unhappy to realize they’ll have to wait two more weeks for the next episode.

After a successful simultaneous premiere of the newest “Fate/stay night” anime, Aniplex released a new trailer for the two one hour premieres of Episode 0 and Episode 1.

While the one hour premieres differed in what country they were screened in, both of the episodes are set to premiere in simulcasts in October.

“This might be a little extreme, but in terms of story and picture, please think of [Fate/Stay Night] as a different thing from Zero.

Stay Night’s goals and Zero’s goals are different things,” said original “Fate/stay night” creator Kinoko Nasu on his personal blog, as reported by Siliconera .

This new and fresh version of “Fate/stay night” Ultimate Blade Works edition is off to a fantastic start as fans poured into the seven city simultaneous release.

After this release, Aniplex revealed a new trailer for the two episodes screened at the premieres.

According to Anime News Network , the episode zero: “The Prologue” will air on October 4th and was screened in Osaka, Japan and all other countries.

Meanwhile, Episode One: “Fuyu no Hi, Unmei no Yoru,” (A Winter Day, A Fateful Night) will premiere on October 11, and will focus on Shirō Emiya and his Servant Saber.

This episode screened Tokyo and Tokushima.

Although fans who were able to attend the screening will have a few weeks to wait before they get to see a new episode, they’ll at least get to have some sense of exclusivity since they now know what happens before anyone else.

For the rest of “Fate/stay night” fans, they can check out the new trailer for the hour long episodes below.


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