VICTON To Give Choreography For ‘The Other’ and Do Promotions With This Song

VICTON To Give Choreography For 'The Other' and Do Promotions With This Song

VICTON To Give Choreography For 'The Other' and Do Promotions With This Song

VICTON is a rookie boy group from Plan A Entertainment who made their debut in 2016 with “I’m Fine.” The boys made their comeback this year and after releasing “EYEZ EYEZ,” they returned with “The Other.” Previously, the boys did really well with their performance of “EYEZ EYEZ.” For this song, the choreography was on point. The choreography was so impressive that fans thought they should do more of it. VICTON is about to release the choreography of “The Other” and it was said that it would show a cute image of the group like what they did with “I’m Fine,” AllKpop  reported.
The group explored their talents by having Seungwoo and Chan do the choreography. Giving a new image, they did their first performance on SBS MTV “The Show,” which aired on Mar. 28. VICTON consists of seven members. Making their debut on Nov. 9, 2016, the group is considered fairly new in the music industry in Korea. But they have shown their potential by giving a great performance with their comeback “EYEZ EYEZ.” The boys did the choreography in sync when they did the dance performance version of “EYEZ EYEZ,” reported Soompi . VICTON seems to be doing well with their promotion. One of the members, Subin, even got cast to be in the variety show “Idol Acting Competition – I’m an Actor.” It is a show about giving a chance for idols to star in a drama. The show was reported to air on Apr. 11. Having “The Other” as the next song to perform, the members are all ready to do a promotion. Their fans cannot wait to see more charms and the talents in the group. As for the members, they hope their comeback brings success and they want to gain more fan base.

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