VICTON Reveals Second MV Preview For ‘EYEZ EYEZ’, Teaser Discloses Charismatic Change!

VICTON Reveals Second MV Preview For 'EYEZ EYEZ'

VICTON Reveals Second MV Preview For 'EYEZ EYEZ', Teaser Discloses Charismatic Change!

VICTON has reportedly revealed a second MV sneak preview for “EYEZ EYEZ.” The boys are apparently going for a darker, more charismatic change. According to Allkpop , this time VICTON did a complete shift from their debut song “I’m Fine”. Allegedly, in this one, fans get more close-ups on the boys’ remarkable visuals and, presumably being entertained to a bit longer glimpse at the MV. They have also released three group teaser images.
VICTON, according to Kpopmap , is coming back full force with powerful choreography and sexy charisma based on their newly released teaser trailer. VICTON’s second mini-album, “READY” is going to be released in just a matter of days. Seemingly, the boys have also just unveiled their first trailer video to showcase their new concept. The video was released on the VICTON’s official SNS channels where the new track’s highlight segments were showcased to the public. What apparently caught the eyes of their fans were the boys’ impressive KalGunMu choreography that is perfectly synchronized. Compared to its debut track “Fine”, VICTON will be doing a comeback with more powerful dance moves, accompanied by a more mature manly image. “EYEZ EYEZ” and the mini-album “READY” will reportedly be released in Mar. Accordingly, VICTON’s “Voice to New World” showcase was held in Nov. 2016 at the Yes24 Hall in Seoul. It was allegedly an outstanding debut showcase wherein the boys performed a total of four songs. Furthermore, the boys also held an in-depth interview to introduce to the public their debut album in detail. With such care and attention, VICTON reportedly held their showcase as a complete success. An impressive number of reporters and fans purportedly showed up, even as the boys are just starting with their career. As debuting rookies, VICTON apparently started off their path to K-Pop stardom on a very strong note.

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