Verizon Samsung Galaxy Note Edge Price Leak? Release Date Rumors Update [NEWS]

Samsung’s Galaxy Note Edge for Verizon was approved by the FCC on Wednesday, sparking rumors a price leak will be made available soon.

The new mobile device has received mixed reviews from consumers and analysts.

Geoffrey Fowler of the Wall Street Journal mentions that “the Note Edge ends up being yet another distraction in the arms race for our attention,” adding that “It just tacks on new territory to an already cluttered phone landscape.” The phone has received praise, however, for its specs and flexible design.  AT&T has announced that it is offering the Galaxy Note Edge for $399.99 with a two- year contract and $945.99 off-contract, the International Business Times reports, leaving many consumers debating over the mobile device’s price.

  A leaked report speculates November 14 as the release date for the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge, promoting rumors the phone’s developers will make an announcement regarding the mobile device’s price.  “That date, which remains unconfirmed, is just two short weeks from now and two weeks out from Black Friday, the start of the holiday shopping season and one of the most important retail dates of the entire year,” GottaBeMobile writes in review of the report.  “Unfortunately, the document doesn’t out any other U.S.

Galaxy Note Edge release dates though we know that the others are drawing closer as well.

T-Mobile’s Galaxy Note Edge recently passed through the FCC, a necessary step on its way to release.

The AT&T and Sprint models also moved past the FCC in recent days leaving the Verizon Galaxy Note Edge as the only model needing to gain clearance.”    

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