Vanessa Hudgens Drops Wedding Hints To Boyfriend Austin Butler? ‘Gigi’ Star ‘Bawled Her Eyes Out’ At ‘High School Musical’ Ashley Tisdale Wedding

Vanessa Hudgens may be dropping hits to her boyfriend Austin Butler about a future wedding! We can definitely blame her ‘High School Musical’ co-star Ashley Tisdale for this sudden wedding fever! ‘Gigi’ star spilled the beans on the deets of Ashley Tisdale’s beautiful ceremony, maybe wanting Austin Butler to pick up the hints!

“It was so beautiful! I bawled my eyes out,” Vanessa Hudgens admitted according to Daily Mail, “She looked like an angel.

She’s so beautiful and she just glowed.” Vanessa Hudgens definitely wasn’t jealous, just appreciative of the good things that were happening to her dear friend.

“We just like having a good time.

We’ve known each other for so long.

We’ve been through so much together that I just know that she’s going to be in my life forever.” But that doesn’t meant that ‘Gigi’ actress hasn’t been dropping hints about the prospects of getting engaged to her boyfriend Austin Butler! They have been dating for just over two years now and the couple has been going strong.

They even are going through the recent death of ‘Carry Diaries’ actor’s mother! So this may not be the most perfect time for Vanessa Hudgens to broach the wedding topic, but if her boyfriend is attentive, he may pop the question in the dear future! Ashley Tisdale’s wedding was indeed tear-worthy.

She married Christopher French, a musician, in a private ceremony near Santa Barbara, CA in early September, according to Daily Mail.

Former ‘High School Musical’ actress said that it was “perfect” and couldn’t have been any better.

Do you think Vanessa was throwing hints to Austin Butler? Do you think they will get engaged soon? Let me know in the comments below!

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