“Vampire Knight” Volume 19 Finale Announced As Man Protests Manga’s Inclusion In Public Library

The public library is usually a place where young adult literature, specifically manga can thrive.

It’s a place where the high school outcasts who display behavior reminiscent of character archetype common in manga, the Otaku, can find solitude and happiness. 

Recently it was announced that “Vampire Knight” Volume 19, which is the final volume in the popular manga series, will be released in North America in October.

But it appears that one man in Cleveland, Texas does not want the manga to continue distribution in the local library.

In fact, “Vampire Knight” is among a whole list of vampire fantasy themed young adult media that Reverend Phillip Missick of the King of Saints Tabernacle Church believes should not be readily available for any teens visiting the library, including North American otakus eager for access to free manga.

“This is dark.

There’s a sexual element.

You have creatures that aren’t human.

I think it’s dangerous for our kids,” said Missick, according to a report from ABC News .

Coincidentally enough, his protest and petition of “Vampire Knight,” and other titles such as “Twilight” and “Blood Promise,” occurs around the annual Banned Book Week that celebrates movements for access to literature and media that may have been previously banned.

Despite Reverend Missick’s workings, Library Director Mary Merrell Cohn assured the public that the library would continue to offer titles like “Vampire Knight.” That’s good news for those in Cleveland, Texas that may want to read the final volume of the manga, which according to Anime News Network , is due out on October 14th in North America.

Viz Media will also offer an all new boxset version of Volumes 11-19 to complete the series.

In an interesting twist of fate it appears that “Vampire Knight” North American Otakus and literature fans of Banned Book week have something they can equally celebrate.


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