Vampire Diaries Season Casting News: Nina Dobrev And Ian Somerhalder Split Didn’t Put a Stake in the Heart of Dating; Jealousy Erupts on the Set of Vampire Diaries And It’s Not Over Nikki Reed

Vampire Diaries Season Six Casting News: Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhlader may have split but rumors still spill like so much blood on a wooden stake.

According to recent rumors “The Vampire Diaries” actress is dating Ian Somerhalder’s good friend Mark Foster.

Somerhalder shouldn’t care, he’s been dating “Twilight” star Nikki Reed.

But reports say that Ian Somerhalder is jealous of Nina Dobrev’s secret boyfriend and the Vampire Diaries Star having “second thoughts” about Twilight’s Nikki Reed.

Celerity Dirty Laundry reported that Nina Dobrev, “The Roommate” actress, dating Mark  Foster, from the band Foster The People.

According to Celebrity Dirty Laundry, the dirt is that Nina is giving her ex-boyfriend a dose of his own medicine.

A source apparently told the online gossip zine that Nina Dobrev and Mark Foster have been dating for several weeks.

Celeb Dirty Laundry claimed that Somerhalder is jealous of Nina’s mystery bofriend and “has been having second thoughts about his relationship with Nikki Reed.” It seems like just last week that Hollywood News Daily reported that Ian Somerhalder is jealous over Nina Dobrev’s budding movie career.

Dobrev recently starred in the comedy film, Let’s Be Cops, with Damon Wayans Jr.

Dobrev is 10 years younger than Somerhalder.

Somerhalder campaigned for the role of Christian Grey in the Fifty Shades of Grey movie, but the part went to Charlie Hunnam, who dropped out and it was recast with Jamie Dornan.

So, the 35-year-old “Vampire Diaries” star and his girlfriend, Nikki Reed, adopted another cat.

According to rumors, Nikki Reed moved to Atlanta to be close to “The Vampire Diaries” set and see Ian Somerhalder daily.

Nina Dobrev reportedly banned Nikki Reed from visiting Ian Somerhalder on the set of The Vampire Diaries after getting disgusted with the constant PDAs.

Maybe she’s just tired of the cats.

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