USA Today Showcases Big Bang’s G-Dragon As A Global Trendsetter

USA Today Showcases Big Bang's G-Dragon As A Global Trendsetter
USA Today Showcases Big Bang's G-Dragon As A Global Trendsetter


USA Today spotlighted the growing popularity of male makeup and highlighted K-Pop star G-Dragon as an international trendsetter.  A recent article in USA Today article will have men running for the eyeliner.

 Well, maybe not.

 However, it did draw attention to one of K-Pop’s hottest stars, but not for his music.

 G-Dragon, one of K-Pop’s most recognizable stars and one of Asia’s biggest fashion icons was highlighted by USA Today for his contribution to the a recent trend in male makeup.

The article, written by Geoffrey Cain and originally appearing in the Global Post, outlined the increasingly popular trend of males wearing makeup in the media as well as in everyday situations.

Cain uses rapper G-Dragon (real name Kwon Ji Yong) as an example of how the trend is quickly taking hold in Asia and expanding to other parts of the world.

G-Dragon is known for his eccentric fashion and intense music videos, but it would appear that those aren’t the only aspects of style that others are taking notice of lately.

The article goes in depth to explain that despite G-Dragon being covered in various types of makeup, that fans still flock to him as a sex symbol and continue to listen to his rap music, at seemingly exponential rates.

G-Dragon has not been the only one to showcase thick layers of makeup, but male makeup has been seen throughout a high percentage of the K-Pop industry.

The most common trend among male cosmetic choices seems to be eyeliner, also known colloquially as “guyliner.” Guyliner has made it to point where it would be stranger to see a male idol without it than with it.

Another interview, with Olive Young makeup artist Kim Tae Young, offered some further insight.

Olive Young is cosmetic chain owned by CJ Group, which also happens play a huge role in the South Korean entertainment industry (including film, TV, and music, among other endeavors).

“Things are very different from the past, when cosmetics were associated exclusively with women,” said Kim.

“I get the feeling that there is a lot less self-consciousness about those gender divisions among our customers these days.” Based off Kim Tae Young’s words, some may speculate that the trend is trickling faster than we think to the public level.

More men are wearing products such as BB Cream and eyeliner not to stand out, but merely because it is now in their routine or because they may feel it will make them more presentable.

A particular quote that stood out in the article was from 28-year-old banker, Park Jae Hyeon.

“This is the 21st Century.

Men need to look good too,” he said, signifying that a change may be on the horizon.

Some argue that because of G-Dragon’s ( and other idols ‘) ability to be alluring and charismatic despite all the makeup coverage, he is giving more confidence to the general public in their makeup choices.

Let’s see how much this trend will develop! The full USA Today article can be read here  and the original Global Post version here .


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