Upcoming Nokia Phones 2015: New CEO Confirms Our Worst Fear – Nokia Will Not Be Making Phones Anymore

For a while now, there have been some wild rumors floating around that there would still be upcoming Nokia phones for 2015, and they would still be run Windows Phone made by Microsoft.  However, not only did Microsoft acquired the mobile division of Nokia, it has already begun its step in rebranding the Lumia lineup and acting like Nokia never existed in its quest for smartphone relevance in the market. 

The Microsoft Lumia 535, the first of a long line of Microsoft-only made products, has already been announced, and there are rumors that other devices are coming shortly.  Still, there were hopes that the Finnish manufacturer, what’s left of it, would rise from the ashes and prove Microsoft wrong by making an Android (complete with Google services, apps, etc.) smartphone.  Unfortunately, a new report says that we may have finally seen the last of Nokia, as far as mobile phones are concerned.  According to a report by Phone Arena , Nokia’s new CEO Rajeev Suri announced in an event today that the Finnish brand may not be making any phones anymore.  “We are not looking to a direct consumer return to handsets per se”, says Suri which means that the Nokia brand will not make a direct comeback in the market as a phone maker, but instead a service, or even an apps provider.  Still, the brand may be looking to license its brand, which means other brands can use it in selling phones, but the CEO clearly stated that it is not their priority right now.  In addition to the sad news, Suri also mentioned that its HERE brand will be further developed where it will rely on ‘third-party licensees’ which include Amazon, Microsoft and Yahoo.  If once in your life, you owned a Nokia handset, then cherish the experience as it could very well be the last handset you’ll ever get named Nokia.

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