Upcoming Blackberry Phones 2014: Another Unusual-Looking BB Smartphone In The Works?

One of the upcoming Blackbery phones for 2014, dubbed the Passport, boasts an unconventional design that includes a 3.5-inch touch screen and a cramped QWERTY keypad.  The device has been launched and has reportedly sold out 200,000 units in its Blackberry website as well as its stocks on Amazon. 

However, even during this success from the Canada-based manufacturer, a new report claims that Blackberry is now working on a new device that could also get a unique design.  According to a report by GSM Arena , Ron Louks, the company’s head of the Blackberry Devices unit, has mentioned that the manufacturer’s low financial losses during the previous quarters have enabled them to experiment on new designs.  In his interview with Reuters , Louks mentioned that Blackberry would be announcing one unusually-designed device each year due to the success of the Passport.  In fact, the executive stated that the company is already working on a new odd-looking Blackberry phone which they have already presented to their carrier partners.  In the report, Louks claims that the prototype or concept phone has already garnered positive feedback on the project.  As Blackberry Passport continues to sell good in emerging markets and the enterprise sectors, Blackberry fans would surely wait for this next unconventional-looking smartphone.

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