Upcoming Android Phones 2015: It Will Be Battle Of The Thinnest Smartphones When New Year Comes, Vivo Prepares 3.75mm Thin Handset

There are a number of interesting upcoming Android phones for 2015 and as early as now we are looking into a competition that focuses on built factor and design.  One of the core factors in any given design is the width of the smartphone. 

If you think the new iPhone 6 is thin at only 6mm, then you better prepare for this upcoming Android device.  According to a report by GSM Arena, Chinese manufacturer Vivo is already preparing to unleash its 3.75mm thin handset.

Yes, you read that right.

That’s almost half of the current iPhone 6 when we talk about its waistline.  Dubbed as the Vivo X5 Max, the rumored handset may hit shelves early next year during the CES event in Las Vegas.

In a recent report, Vivo has allegedly disclosed the secret to the new smartphone’s super slim body.

In the report, Vivo reportedly moved 90 percent of the phone’s internals from the back of the screen, to the sides.

This means those internals are not anymore sandwiched between the display and the back cover, but are now located on the sides.  Does this mean the new Vivo X5 Max will have super wide bezels? That we don’t know yet.

But considering the phone’s previous releases this year, it seems the manufacturer is keeping its devices among the best designed smartphones in the market.  In case you can’t wait until the X5 Max gets released, and you really want an ultra-thin smartphone, then the Oppo R5 is also a viable option with its 4.85mm width. 

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