Up and close with singer Ivy: Her nervousness before performance, apathy to join girl group

Up and close with singer Ivy: Her nervousness before performance

Up and close with singer Ivy: Her nervousness before performance, apathy to join girl group

Talented singer-turned musical actress Ivy opened up about her new musical drama “Aida” and her nervousness on stage. She also revealed that she had no interest to join girl group. In a candid conversation with Lina Kwon from Arirang TV , she talked about her nervousness everytime she gets on stage, especially in the Korean adaptation of Broadway drama “Aida.” The musical play started with her singing on stage.
She plays the central role as the Egyptian princess Amneris in the musical play written by Elton John and Tim Rice. The titular role Aida is the Nubian princess who was captured by Egyptians and became a slave in Amneris’ house. However, Amneris’ fiancee Radames fell in love with Aida, and the love triangle becomes the central theme of the musical. Ivy jokingly said that the love triangle is the formula for the drama. So, people who loves to watch drama can enjoy the musical play “Aida” as if they watch the drama. The singer, whose real name is Park Eun-Hye, also shares her disinterest to join girl groups in the first place. Her main reason is simply because the girl group have to split the money they earn between the members. Another reason is that she does not like to fight for the center position in the girl group. When the interviewer Lina asked about her plan for Christmas and year-end, Ivy said that she will be busy during that time. But there will be some people come to her house for Christmas eve. But the year-end is the busiest time and she will perform during that time. She also reveals her busy schedule in the new year in an interview with Channel A as reported by Seoul Daily News . Ivy also shows her dancing skill in the interview, which was also attended by Super Junior member Kim Hee-Chul. Watch two parts of Ivy interview in the “Showbiz Korea” with English subtitle from Arirang TV  below:

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