Unofficial Guide To October 2014 Indie Horror Films: ‘Inner Demons’ IFC Midnight Premiere This Weekend, ‘The Houses October Built’ Release Date, ‘ABCs Of Death 2’ Red Band Trailer, And ‘V/H/S Viral’

This October may have major Hollywood studios revisiting creepy dolls and ouija boards for Halloween, but indie film directors have plenty of variety for those fans less interested in the upcoming horror films expected to storm the box office next month, “Annabelle” and “Ouija.”

In fact, next month will bring a demonic mockumentary of “Intervention,” a whole new take on haunted houses, the latest gore fest from 26 different directors, and highly anticipated third installment of the “V/H/S” franchise.

“I’m interested in the tension that reality producers feel between telling a true story and telling a good story.

Sometimes telling a good story requires simplifying, sanding the edges and eschewing the complexities of real life,” said “Inner Demons” director Seth Grossman to Independent Film Quarterly .

Grossman’s background in telling a good story as a producer for popular reality TV series “Intervention,” perhaps made him the perfect choice to helm the upcoming found-footage horror film, “Inner Demons,” which will premiere at IFC Midnight this weekend and on VOD.

Bloody Disgusting has some new terrifying clips that feature the main character, a teenage drug addict, who is using heroine to save herself from something more sinister.

Horror fans who like found footage but don’t want to deal with more possession themes should check out “The Houses October Built,” which will be released on October 10th.

It’s a combination of haunted house exploration that turns meta in the same way that “Grave Encounters” forces it’s unbelieving ghost hunters to experience some real terror.

Finally, for fans who want a little bit of everything, two compilation horror films will get their next installments this October: “ABCs of Death 2” and “V/H/S Viral.” The “ABCs of Death” sequel will again feature 26 short films directed by 26 different directors.

There will be plenty of blood and gore as promised by the new red band trailer that fans can view below.

The film is due out for VOD on October 2nd and limited theatrical release on October 31st.

“V/H/S Viral,” which is the third installment in the “V/H/S” experimental horror compilation franchise, is also coming this October.

Although fans won’t get to see it (unless attending the two remaining film festivals that the film will hit) in theaters until November, it will be available on VOD starting October 23rd.


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