Unnies Made A Hot Debut With ‘Right?’ & It Received An All-Kill After Its Release

Unnies Made A Hot Debut With 'Right?' & It Received An All-Kill After Its Release

Unnies Made A Hot Debut With 'Right?' & It Received An All-Kill After Its Release

Unnies is a girl group formed from a variety show “Sister’s Slam Dunk.” They just released the song MV of “Right?” and the girls look really cheerful in the video. After its release, the song dominated the top charts and got an all-kill. Previously, Unnies have prepared to release a song “Right?” The girls practiced hard in dancing, singing, and rapping to have a hot debut. It was not an easy job because among the seven members, only three girls who had experience in a girl group. Two other girls are comedians and the rest two members are actresses. Even though it was hard to practice the choreography and sing the song in the right note, finally the girls could release their song “Right?” on May 12. After its release, the song received an all-kill, Soompi  reported.
The girls made their debut stage on “Music Bank” singing “Right?” and “La La La Song.” They showed great energy on stage and the performance was awesome. Unnies also released the MV in the same day. In the MV, the girls are looking really cheerful singing the song and dancing, AllKpop  reported. Using the concept of a school girl, there are some funny scenes that bring laughter to viewers. Besides the girls, the vocal teachers, dance teachers, the composer, and even Somi’s father are there to complete the story in the MV. The MV turned out really well and many people gave positive comments about it. Mostly, netizens pointed out how they were so proud of the girls because they worked hard to give the best performance. At first, many girls were lacking in dancing and singing skills. Even the dance teachers were struggling to teach them. But at the end, the girls’ determination made the debut really successful. The positive comments not only come from netizens. Even JYP complimented everyone in the show for their hard work. JYP previously composed the song for Unnies in the first season of the show. For this second season, Kim Hyung Suk is the one who composed the song. Read Next: Kim Jong Kook Revealed He Had A Health Problem On ‘Let’s Go’

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