Underrated Member Of Boy Groups – BTS, VIXX, BTOB, GOT7 and Seventeen

Underrated Member Of Boy Groups – BTS

Underrated Member Of Boy Groups – BTS, VIXX, BTOB, GOT7 and Seventeen

In many kpop groups there are always unequal attention and unfair treatment from many things. There is always that one member who is not as well liked as the other members. They do still have fans but definitely less than the other members. There are also members who deserve more but are not given by their company those things. Here is a list of boy group members that needs more recognition: The8 of Seventeen – The Chinese member of Seventeen The8 is part of the performance team in Seventeen. He is definitely one of the more talented members, he can bboy, but somehow his fans are less than the other members. It might be because he isn’t as good looking as the members (but I do think he is).
Youngjae of GOT7 – Youngjae is one of the vocalists in GOT7 but it feels like he is not getting as much fame as the other members. JYPE should up their game with promoting him. Also, I feel like every member has their thing, Jackson – variety, Bam Bam – Thai (international fans), Mark – American, JB and JR – acting and recently Yugyeon with his “Hit The Stage”. When will Youngjae? Hyunsik of BTOB – Hyunsik is probably the best example for an underrated member in a boy group. Hyungsik is probably one of the most talented kpop idols and yet he is not that known. J-Hope of BTS – I know J-Hope has tons of fans but when you are in a group like BTS, his fans are not enough. He is definitely handsome, talented and very funny. I just think that he is overshadowed by Rap Monster and Suga with rapping and Jimin with dancing. Hyuk of VIXX – Hyuk is the maknae of the group and many times is overshadowed by his hyungs. He has improved a lot when it comes to singing and dancing so I think it is time fans pay attention to him too. I know these boys have tons of loyal and loving fans but they deserve more! Can you think of other underrated boy group member?

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