UEE’s Extremely Thin Figure Worries Netizens, Fans Do Not Find Her Attractive Anymore!

UEE's Extremely Thin Figure Worries Netizens

UEE's Extremely Thin Figure Worries Netizens, Fans Do Not Find Her Attractive Anymore!

As seen in the latest updates, UEE   seems to be getting more and more skinny and netizens are getting worried. Accordingly, the change in weight of the actress is not altogether new. It has been creating a stir when she apparently lost her famous honey thighs. When UEE reportedly appeared at the press conference for the drama “Illumination” in Nov. 2016, Allkpop  said that the netizens present reacted with a shock. The netizens reaction was that probably she has gone too far with her diet. UEE has apparently lost her chubby cheeks and she looks really very thin.
In Feb. 28 UEE once again shocked netizens when she appeared at the premiere event for the new film “Bluebeard . ” Because of her extremely skinny figure. Accordingly, UEE has barely any fat on her. Some netizens are greatly concerned but others were seemingly turned off by UEE present looks. UEE accordingly garnered several comments from her fans such as, she was so uniquely pretty when she first appeared. Other remarks also say that the netizens do not find her attractive anymore. “She was best with her honey thighs. Her bodies just volume less skinny now,” some netizens reportedly said . UEE’s honey thighs were accordingly perfect in the past, but she was probably in the 50-kg range back then. Girl groups nowadays are said to have the same thickness in their thighs and calves, and these do not even look like a woman’s leg anymore. According to   Soompi ,   UEE made it to the   “15 Actresses Who Made 2016 K-Dramas Shine.” If Uee’s role in “High Society” was a bit even, but her performance in the “Marriage Contract” was apparently simply amazing.  The drama “Marriage Contract” reportedly scored consistent double digit ratings for every episode, closing at 22 percent in the finale. Uee’s development was accordingly well-noted, and she garnered the Best Actress-Special Projects title at 2016 MBC Drama Awards.

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