U-KISS Ends ‘Scandal In Europe’ Tour With Magical Paris Concert

U-KISS Ends 'Scandal In Europe' Tour With Magical Paris Concert
U-KISS Ends 'Scandal In Europe' Tour With Magical Paris Concert

U-KISS swept Paris fans off their feet with a “beautiful” and “magical” concert in the La Cigale theater on September 28, according to fan accounts .

The Paris concert was the third and final leg of the six-member group’s Scandal in Europe Tour following two earlier concerts in Moscow and England.

“Beautiful concert!” says Lili Woo Fkm, a French KissMe on Facebook.

KissMes went out in full force, supporting the boys, including new member Jun.

“Thank you for coming to the concert to support the boys, your energy, your joy,” says LiLi in a heartfelt letter to all KissMes that attended the event.

“Thanks to that we all lived a magical concert with an amazing atmosphere and full of a lot of emotions.” If KissMes had a grand time, U-KISS also was all smiles during the event, posing for and interacting with fans while singing their most popular songs.

An official event photo showed U-KISS all smiles, giving thumbs-ups and waving peace signs while wearing sleek black-and-white outfits.

Another photo showed member Kiseop in a sleeveless under shirt, reaching out to touch the hands of lucky fans in the front row of the concert venue.

With the Paris concert a success and their three-city concert completed, U-KISS could be eyeing a well-deserved break.

Kevin has been leisurely strolling the streets of Paris, taking snapshots of the beautiful city scenery and posting selfies on his newly opened Instagram account @kevinwoo91.

Kevin and the rest of the members could spend the next few days relaxing in the City of Love as a reward for working hard these past months.

U-KISS held their “Mono Scandal” Korean comeback during summer then released an MV for their Japanese single “Love on U” before proceeding to prepare for their European concerts held this late September.


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