Tyler Perry Reveals His Baby’s Gender: Entertainment Mogul Dishes On Impending Fatherhood

  Tyler Perry is about to become a dad.

And in an interview with Extra’s Jerry Penacoli, the entertainment star revealed if he is expecting a little boy or girl.

In addition, he described what kind of father he wants to be.

“Yes, yes and we’re very excited about it, very excited,” Perry told E! News at the New York premiere of the upcoming film “Gone Girl,” in which he stars.

The actor, who is perhaps more famous for his work behind the camera, is expecting a baby with longtime girlfriend Gelila Bekele.

And according to E! News, Perry and Bekele will be parents very soon since the latter is allegedly seven or eight months along in her pregnancy.

When asked about his excitement over becoming a father in the interview with Extra , Perry tried his best to refrain from giving away too many details about his unborn child, including its gender.

“The greatest gift I’m being given right now is the opportunity to give the little boy in me everything I never had, so that’s what I’m excited about,” explained the star.

“This beautiful human being that God has allowed to come into my life for me to get to know, because they come with their own personalities, who they are, to shepherd and usher him…” Perry then paused for a moment, realizing that he had dropped a big clue about the baby.

“I said ‘him,'” Perry cringed.

He soon continued his train of thought, however.

  “…into whatever the child is supposed to be is what I’m going to do,” Perry finished.

So, it looks like Mr.

Perry has a baby boy on the way.

The entertainment mogul revealed that he is expecting his first child during his 45 th birthday party earlier this month.

“He said he had to start getting used to not getting a lot of sleep, because his life was about to change in a big way,” a partygoer reportedly told E! News.

“He said, ‘Some of you know what I’m talking about.'”    

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