TWICE’s Tzuyu Gains Weight: Netizens Expressed Their Feeling About It

TWICE's Tzuyu Gains Weight: Netizens Expressed Their Feeling About It

TWICE's Tzuyu Gains Weight: Netizens Expressed Their Feeling About It

Tzuyu is a popular member of TWICE. She is known for his nice figure and beautiful face. She is the tallest member in TWICE. Recently, netizens saw her picture which she looked gaining weight. The responses are varied from supporting and hating. Tzuyu’s picture was taken when she was at Incheon International Airport, headed to Singapore. Netizens then compared her picture in the airport and her picture in the past. It is obvious that Tzuyu looks a bit plump and chubby compared to her slim figure last time, AllKpop  reported.
There have been many comments online about her appearance. Some left comments that she was just fine. But some were worried for her health. As an idol, she needs to look beautiful with slim figure, yet she is in the age that really likes to eat a lot. Everyone knows that being idol needs to meet some criteria, yet many ONCEs support her for whatever she looks now. Meanwhile, TWICE just held their first concert in Singapore. As their first concert in Singapore, it was a great success as the tickets were sold out, AllKpop  reported. They performed many hits songs really well and made ONCEs satisfied. TWICE will have a comeback this May with “Signal.” Having a concept of school girls, they look really pretty in the teaser picture. The scheduled date for their comeback has also been released. JYP Entertainment announced the teaser on its official Twitter, Korea Portal  reported. JYP is rumored to be the composer of the title track but as there is no official statement, ONCEs just need to wait for their comeback. As a mark for their comeback, the girls will be the guests on “Ask Us Anything.” They will appear again in this variety show after previously got a huge respond at their first appearance, Soompi  reported. This comeback is predicted to be hit because previously TWICE always got a good response for their mini album. This May comeback will be the forth mini album of this girl group. Read Next: BTS Beat One Direction’s Record on Billboard Music Charts

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