TWICE’s ‘Signal’ Suffers Negative Feedback From Fans, Netizens

TWICE's  'Signal' Suffers Negative Feedback From Fans

TWICE's  'Signal' Suffers Negative Feedback From Fans, Netizens

TWICE made their comeback on Monday, May 15, with the release of their newest album “Signal”. This was, however, poorly received by netizens. Despite TWICE’s “Signal” achieving an all-kill status, the song has been receiving quite the negative feedback. Netizens have expressed their opinions in several online communities. As reported by All Kpop , the top comments on online communities regarding TWICE’s “Signal” stated most of the netizens’ disbelief on how it became No. 1. Another top rated comment stated that the song simply “sucks”.
A ONCE (TWICE’s official fandom) even said that he/she was disappointed. The ONCE also stated how the girl group should have just made Black Eyed Pilseung make the song for them instead of J.Y. Park. Another netizen even stated that TWICE got the No. 1 spot simply because they were famous. The quality of the song is poorest out of the poor,” added the netizen. Furthermore, one netizen said that what TWICE’s Sana said during their “Happy Together” appearance turned out to be true. Sana reportedly said in a joking manner that their new song sucked. Also, TWICE’s “Signal” received an average rating of a low 2.5. This is based on the 19,000 reviews on Melon. Hopefully, TWICE gets better reviews as the week progresses. As reported by Pop Crush , TWICE’s “Signal” was released on May 15 (Monday) at 6 P.M. KST. The music video for the song was also released at the same time. During the first 30 minutes since the release, TWICE’s “Signal” already achieved half a million views on YouTube. As of this writing, the “Signal” music video now has more than 7 million views – in less than 24 hours. TWICE also held a live showcase for “Signal” at 8 P.M. KST. The girls first performed their previous hits “Like Ohh Ahh” and “TT” before performing “Signal”.

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