TWICE’s ‘Signal’ Breaks Their Own Record For 1st Day Album Sales

TWICE's 'Signal' Breaks Their Own Record For 1st Day Album Sales

TWICE's 'Signal' Breaks Their Own Record For 1st Day Album Sales

It seems that TWICE’s biggest competition these days are themselves. The girls managed to break their own record for the most album sales on the first day. According to a report by All Kpop , the latest records from Hanteo charts showed that the girls beat the previous record that they held for the most number of sales in the first day. It turned out that the record was for their previous release “TWICEcoaster: Lane 1” which featured the track “TT” which now holds the record as the most viewed MV for any K-pop girl group.
Based on the record, “TWICEcoaster: Lane 1” sold a total of 34,255 copies on the first day. TWICE’s latest release “Signal” charted 42,444 copies in sales on the first day alone. While TWICE’s comeback “Signal” achieved an all-kill in all six real-time radio charts on Korea, the track is still drawing mixed reactions from the fans. It can be recalled that some fans have attributed the all-kill to the girls’ popularity and not because of the song’s quality. Fans have also criticized the song for being TWICE’s weakest track among all of its hits. It can be recalled that “Signal’s” predecessors “TT” and “Knock Knock” were major successes that catapulted the K-pop girl group into superstardom. Even international celebrities like Shawn Mendes have reportedly been spotted fanboying over TWICE’s signature dance moves. While TWICE continues to enjoy its successful comeback on the charts, TWICE is also set to release their reality show on May 22 entitled “TWICE TV5”. The show was shot in Switzerland and will take TWICE members in a cultural adventure of the European country, Kpopstarz  reported. Aside from showcasing the beauty of Switzerland, the show is expected to show the audience the different personalities of TWICE members, as they go off on journeys and challenges. The series will be a 24-episode show that will definitely bring the girls closer to their fans.

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