TWICE’s Nayeon, Jihyo, and Jungyeon Showed Their Bare Faces Without Makeup To Greet Fans Goodnight

TWICE's Nayeon

TWICE's Nayeon, Jihyo, and Jungyeon Showed Their Bare Faces Without Makeup To Greet Fans Goodnight

TWICE has been known for their pretty faces. There are many members who are called visuals in the group like Mina, Nayeon, and Tzuyu. Recently, they greeted their fans with their bare faces without makeup. “Naver V App Live” has been used by many idols to interact with their fans online. Showing the real side of the idols, TWICE took the chance to show their face without makeup on. Jihyo, Jungyeon, and Nayeon greeted fans goodnight through the app on Mar. 27. Revealing their no makeup faces, they answered some questions from their fans. Nayeon said she has just washed her hair. The girls also asked fans to capture them without makeup, reported AllKpop .
Showing the makeup faces, the three members of TWICE received many comments. Many of them said that the girls looked pretty without makeup and that ONCE would always cheer for them. Reading such comments, Nayeon and other two members were really happy. Meanwhile, TWICE gear up for their upcoming debut in Japan, reported AllKpop . With the official Japanese website, the schedules for their debut have been set. They will have their showcase “Touchdown in Japan” on Jul. 2 at Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium, reported Soompi . The girls will also release their debut album in Japan with some of their best songs in both Korean and Japanese. As the girls are about to have their debut in Japan, ONCE is ready to support them. Moreover, TWICE will celebrate the establishment of ONCE Japan in their first concert in the country. It is no surprise that the girls are ready to take down Japan market as the girls have done great in Korea. Their latest song “Knock Knock” even got the ninth win on “Inkigayo,” Soompi  reported. With the visuals of the members, the talents and the hard work, TWICE is always ready to capture fans’ hearts. Also, for their debut in Japan, there are three members who can help other members speak and understand Japanese.

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