Twice’s ‘Knock Knock’ Achieves Perfect All-kill, Reign International iTunes Charts!

Twice’s 'Knock Knock' Achieves Perfect All-kill

Twice’s 'Knock Knock' Achieves Perfect All-kill, Reign  International iTunes Charts!

Twice hits a grand slam with “Knock Knock”! Reportedly, not only did it surmount charts domestically, but is also making a carnage in overseas charts. This time, the girls seem to have scored a big success. The girl group according to Allkpop , is ranked number one on iTunes Album Charts in Singapore, Taiwan, and Malaysia. Not only that,Twice title song “Knock Knock” also ranked within the top 10 in nine different countries’ song charts. These countries include Sweden, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, and more.

As reported by Soompi , Twice’s achievements in the iTunes K-pop album charts are even more exceptional. In the U.S. charts, the group achieved number one on the albums chart and number two on the songs chart. Moreover, in addition to their new album, Twice’s previous three albums also rose to the top 10 on the albums chart.  Accordingly, on the pop album charts of other countries, “Twicecoaster: Lane 2” did reach number 20 in Australia and number 22 in Canada. The album did better in Mexico at number 16, but apparently, drop a little at number 45 in England. Twice rule the albums charts, pop charts, and K-pop charts In Singapore and Taiwan. Accordingly, Twice is said to have done a perfect all-kill with “Knock Knock.” A perfect all-kill apparently happens when a song is simultaneously rated number one on all major real-time and daily charts, as well as iChart’s weekly chart. It is accordingly, a big feat that do not just happen to everyone. A regular all-kill, on the other hand, do not include the daily charts or the weekly chart. In Jan. 2017, JYP Entertainment announced that Twice will release a special album in Feb. after the Korean leg of the group’s concert tour. The special album, titled “Twicecoaster: Lane 2,” is the reissue of “Twicecoaster: Lane 1” with   its lead single “Knock Knock”, were both released in Feb. 2017. After the release, it was reported that the reissue sold more than 310,000 copies in pre-orders within a week.  

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