TWICE’s Jungyeon’s Older Sister Revealed, Shares ‘Clone’ Features

TWICE's Jungyeon's Older Sister Revealed

TWICE's Jungyeon's Older Sister Revealed, Shares 'Clone' Features

It really is a big surprise to know that Jungyeon of the hit girl group, TWICE, has an older sister that is of the same caliber with her when it comes to sheer beauty and sexiness. Based on the leaked photos, one can clearly see that the two sisters share a very similar physical appearance. Because of the fact that Jungyeon is one of the most popular K-pop idols, she can’t help but fall prey to the many paparazzi and avid fans that want to know every piece of her personal life. Now, these fans succeed in knowing that she has an older sister that is as pretty and as sexy as she is.
The name of that older sister that we are talking of here is Gong Seungyeon. Sungyeon, as what she is usually called, is born in 1993, which makes her three years older than Jungyeon who was born in 1996. Sungyeon is now 23 years old. According to Koreaboo , Seungyeon had previously experienced being a trainee in SM Entertainment. This went on for 7 straight years. However, she took the other path as she had instead debuted as a full-fledged actress in 2012. And just recently, she has been spotted by people during the presidential elections. She was seen featuring a very flawless skin which undeniably has captured the hearts of people, most notably, her younger sister’s fans. According to K-pop Sugar , people also can’t help but call them clones because of how similar they look. Indeed, there is no denying that Jungyeon and Seungyeon’s family is certainly blessed with a host of great beauty, sexiness and of course, talent. With all of these being said, let’s hope that both Jungyeon and Seungyeon make the most out of their respective careers. There’s no doubt that they will achieve more milestones in the K-pop industry, thanks to their looks, guts, and talent.

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