TWICE Unleashes Out Of This World Levels Of Cuteness In ‘Signal’ MV

TWICE Unleashes Out Of This World Levels Of Cuteness In 'Signal' MV

TWICE Unleashes Out Of This World Levels Of Cuteness In 'Signal' MV

Following the success of their “TWICEcoaster Lane 2” release “Knock Knock,” and their successful TWICEland concert tour, the 9-member K-pop group TWICE is all set for its comeback “Signal” which released May 15 th at exactly 6 pm. Prior to the release, TWICE hyped up the track with its interesting MV and album cover which feature the girls looking cute as they try to send out signals to their fans. TWICE’s “Signal” comes asw a much-anticipated release after the girls dropped the 29-second teaser MV for the track which features the TWICE members as schoolgirls trying to send a signal to their crush which is represented by an alien character. The teaser has been viewed by close to 2 million fans since it was uploaded May 12, All Kpop reported.
In their album cover and poster, TWICE members are also depicted wearing different school uniforms in a cover dominated by blue. The girls are also brandishing a new hand gesture as they mimic antennas stemming out of their heads which could well be synonymous to the girl group as well like the previous TT hand gesture from their previous hit track. It can be recalled that TWICE was the subject of some controversy after they released individual teasers for “Signal.” The concept of the teasers pegged the girls as having supernatural powers like super speed, x-ray vision, super strength, hypnosis and time travel and featured symbols to represent the super powers, Digital Music News reported. The EXO fandom called EXO-Ls reportedly accused TWICE of plagiarizing the supernatural concept introduced by EXO in their previous release. The fandom said that the concept of K-pop idols having superpowers was originally introduced by EXO when they were pegged as Greek gods with special abilities. While the plagiarism allegations did not gain much ground, TWICE continued with their original concept. SM Entertainment, EXO’s label also did not issue any comment regarding the plagiarism accusations.    

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