TWICE Sold Out 5,000 Seats Of Their First Concert In Singapore

TWICE Sold Out 5

TWICE Sold Out 5,000 Seats Of Their First Concert In Singapore

TWICE has their success really big with their consecutive wins many times in many music shows. Their recent song even got many likes and views from around the world. Recently, the girls were successful having their first concert in Singapore. TWICE with their “TWICE’s 1st Tour TWICELAND” had the first opening in Singapore. With the total for about 5,000 seats, they were all sold out, AllKpop  reported. As the first concert in Singapore, TWICE really did well.
TWICE performed for about three hours singing their hits song, like “Ooh Aah,” “Cheer Up,” “TT,” “Knock Knock” and much more on their concert in Singapore. The place was full with the crowd cheering for them when they were singing. Meanwhile, TWICE is about to have their comeback in this May. It is said that JYP is the one producing their title track, Koreaboo  reported. JYP teased fans with the picture in his Instagram with some initials look alike to TWICE’s members’ name. Thus, people predict that it will be the first time for JYP to produce TWICE’s song. With the comeback’s date for TWICE’s comeback is getting near, the agency has released some teasers about it. In the teaser, the date for the schedule was released, Soompi  reported. Also, there was a picture of them wearing a kind of school uniform with blue and white as the colors. The girls were looking diligent with many books around. It seems that the girls’ schedule is really full. With the concert, preparation for the comeback in Korea and plan to have debuted in Japan, they must be practicing really hard. This girl group from “Sixteen” are known for their hard work and their charm on stage. About the upcoming comeback, fans cannot wait for them to perform on stage again. Moreover, the agency previously stated that their promotion would be longer than before. Many ONCEs have prepared to fully support their idols. Read Next: Choiza & Sulli Seem To Have Moved On From One Another By Deleting All Pictures On Their Instagram

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