TWICE Releases New Single, ‘Knock Knock’, Cute Unit Photo Unveiled

TWICE Releases New Single

TWICE Releases New Single, 'Knock Knock', Cute Unit Photo Unveiled

Korean girl group, TWICE, had a stunning comeback last Feb. 19, after releasing their latest single, “Knock Knock”. “Knock Knock” features a light-hearted and cute tone to the song, as it perfectly matches the ’80s inspired melody that it has. Its chorus is also very recognizable as its tune can easily sink in the memory of the listener. The latest single had surely helped in the girl group’s popularity, as it introduced a new theme to their songs. “Knock Knock” is different from their previous songs, as it has a more upbeat tune to it, making it a very fun and enjoyable song to hum with. What’s really cool about it is that its lyrics has meaning, of which many can relate to .

According to Billboard , the music video of “Knock Knock” is set on a slumber party. What makes the music video very interesting is that Park Jinyoung, the producer of the group and founder of the JYP Entertainment is also featured. This shows that there is a growing sense for the importance of cooperation in the group, even  between its stars and executive officers. He is then greeted by the nine members of the group with a disappointed look on their faces. The ending part of the music video shows the group getting locked out of the door, and pleading to enter the house. According to All KPop , three members of the group, Jungyeon, Jihyo and Mina had also a unit photo revealed, showing their innocent, but cute and attractive physical looks. It sure helped in the sales of the group’s new single. TWICE would surely have more projects to keep its popularity soaring high. With the group’s natural charm, charisma and talent, greater things would surely befall them in the next months and years to come.

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