TWICE, EXO, Jackson, and BLACKPINK Among the Winners in KpopStarz 2016 Best Of K-Pop Awards!


TWICE, EXO, Jackson, and BLACKPINK Among the Winners in KpopStarz 2016 Best Of K-Pop Awards!

The results are in and it’s time to announce the winners of our end-of-the-year Best of K-Pop Awards! TWICE’s “Cheer Up” and GOT7’s member Jackson were named the best song and artist of 2016 while EXO and BLACKPINK were selected as this year’s best group and best rookie group. In a last-minute upset, TWICE’s “Cheer Up” walks away with the “Best K-Pop Song of the Year” award. Coming in with 24.98% of the votes, TWICE’s multi-award winning song garnered 1.2% more votes than second, place winner BTS’s “Blood Sweat & Tears” which finished out with 23.78%. While holding steady in first for the second half of duration of the voting, GOT7′ “Hard Carry” ultimately drops to thrid with 22.85% of the votes.

Walking away with the title of “Best K-Pop Group of the Year,” EXO made an impressive last-minute play for the crown by bringing in 26.1% of the votes. With 24.42% of the votes, GOT7  walked away with second while BTS took third with 18.38% of the total votes. Though GOT may have fallen to third and second in the “Best Song” and “Best Group” category, the group’s member Jackson managed to walk away the victor, taking home the title of “Best K-Pop Artist of the Year.” With 51.63% of the votes, Jackson came in 22.91% higher than second place artist, Hwang Chi-yeul, who came in with 28.72%. Falling to third, CNBLUE’s Jung Yonghwa walked away with 2.22% of the votes to round out the Top Three. After the fierce competition,  BLACKPINK takes the crown in the category of “Best K-Pop Rookie Group of the Year.” Coming in with 35.49% of the votes, YG’s rookie girl group managed to keep a lead over the competition up to the end. Coming in second with 34.54% of the votes, SF9 made an impressive play for the top but fell just short of the crown. Walking away with third, NCT closed out the polls with 10.27% of the total votes. Below are the top ten winners in each category. For the full tally, check out our year-end poll results page HERE .   Best Song
1. “Cheer Up” TWICE 24.98%
2. “Blood Sweat & Tears” BTS 23.78%
3. “Hard Carry” GOT 7 22.85%
4. “Monster” EXO 12.6%
5. “You’re So Fine” CNBLUE 10.17%
6. “The Eye” INFINITE 1.53%
7. “All Mine” f(x) 1.18%
8. “Whistle” BLACKPINK 0.39%
9. “Promise” 2PM 0.3%
10. “Rain” Taeyeon 0.28% Best Group
1. EXO 26.1%
2. GOT7 24.42%
3. BTS 18.38%
4. BIGBANG 13.05%
5. CNBLUE 8.58%
6. TWICE 4.59%
7. INFINITE 1.32%
8. f(x) 1.31%
9. Girl’s Generation 0.5%
10. 2PM 0.36% Best Artist
1. Jackson (GOT7) 51.63%
2. Hwang Chi-yeul 28.72%
3. Jung Yonghaw (CNBLUE) 2.22%
4. G-Dragon (BIGBANG) 1.77%
5. V(BTS) 1.54%
6. Baekhyun (EXO) 1.46%
7. Tzuyu (TWICE) 1.42%
8. CL 1.42%
9. Suzy (miss A) 1.62%
10. Jessica 0.99% Best Rookie Group
1. BLACKPINK 35.49%
2. SF9 34.54%
3. NCT 10.27%
4. ASTRO 9.66%
5. I.O.I 7.21%
6. PENTAGON 1.65%
7. Cosmic Girls 0.56%
8. Gugudan 0.35%
9. Imfact 0.19%
10. D.I.P 0.1%

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