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Twice Antis Will Go ‘TT’ After JYP Takes Action Against Them

Twice Antis Will Go 'TT' After JYP Takes Action Against Them

JYP Entertainment is doing its best to protect their precious artists. JYP is currently doing some action against the unnecessary hate and sexual harassment Twice members are getting. According to Allkpop , JYP Entertainment has released statement regarding the uncontrollable hate that Twice is getting from online posts and comments. “Hello, this is JYP Entertainment.
We announce that from now on we will be taking strong action against all posts and comments on online communities and SNS platforms containing sexually harassing content, malicious rumors, false information, and defaming statements regarding TWICE and their members. We have been receiving reports and monitoring malicious posts about TWICE, and have continuously checked the degree of the situation. Recently, we came to the decision that the number and degree of malicious posts have come to a point where we can no longer watch in silence. We officially announce that plan to to take strong actions to protect the rights of our artist, as well as their mental and physical health. Recently, cases such as theses have generally increased in society, leading to a stronger degree of punishment for the malicious actions happening online. We’re currently in the process of looking over past posts with a legal representative to take action. We also want to notify that we’ll be taking the strongest legal action against all malicious acts occurring in the future,” they said in the statement. As said in the statement, it was Twice fans who are reporting to JYPE the malicious posts and content that are spreading on social media. International fans are also doing a movement on twitter and other social media platforms. They even started using a hash tag “#antitwice” and “#AntiTWICEIsGoingToJailParty”, as Koreaboo reported. It looks like JYP Entertainment and real Onces are serious this time around when it comes to protecting their precious Twice. What do you think about this move? Is it worth it?