TOP Shared Story about Yang Hyun Suk’s Grudge Over Him for His Typical Comment

TOP Shared Story about Yang Hyun Suk's Grudge Over Him for His Typical Comment

TOP Shared Story about Yang Hyun Suk's Grudge Over Him for His Typical Comment

TOP, along with other members of Bigbang were the guests for “Radio Star” They shared many stories about their life and also their career. During the show, TOP revealed that he often answered question with typical answer but ended up giving a bomb to himself, according to Soompi .
At the interview, he shared his story about answering to a question given by Yang Hyun Suk. He once asked about the new opening of Yang Hyun Suk’s BBQ and what was he thinking about that. TOP answered that the place was okay. Hearing his answer, Yang Hyun Suk seemed to get upset. Yang Hyun Suk was over with that answer from TOP but one thing that he cannot let go even until today is his answer for a question of what is YG Entertainment mean to him. He said that YG Entertainment was just his workplace. Thus, Yang Hyun Suk ended up with holding the grudge even till today. He often brought up this issue on group chat. Regarding the situation, TOP wanted to give the right answer in that show. He said, YG Entertainment is like a family to me”. Giving his best answer, Taeyang also added that he has started calling Yang Hyun Suk “father”, according to ygunited . Well, 4 years of grudge seem quite a long time. It clears that YG is always want to get appreciated and for TOP, he has learnt something from it. It was not really his intention to answer it like that, but he did not think much and just answered it shortly. TOP is known for his bold character and he often does not think of some answers too seriously. While he just answers easily, it turns out giving him a headache. He should try to learn more to give explanation from now on to satisfy the people around him.  

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