TOP Media Confirms L.Joe Participated In Recording Of TEEN TOP’s New Album

TOP Media Confirms L.Joe Participated In Recording Of TEEN TOP's New Album

TOP Media Confirms L.Joe Participated In Recording Of TEEN TOP's New Album

L.Joe has decided to leave TEEN TOP. True enough, the worries of fans reportedly materialized when L.Joe filed for a nullification of his contract with TOP Media. While apparently, his contract is yet to expire in January 2018, he opted to leave early apparently because his agency is not letting him have solo promotions. According to Allkpop , the friction started last year when L.Joe met with TOP Media about renewing the former’s contract. He apparently decided to leave TEEN TOP and stand by himself because TOP Media’s meddling in his acting agreements. Subsequent to L.Joe’s request to cancel his contract, the agency clarified that they are not interfering with L.Joe’s individual acting activities.
Accordingly, Soompi   said in its post that Top Media claims that reports about the agency allegedly demanding an appearance fee seven times the usual amount, and refusing to inform L.Joe about the progress of the casting process, is not true. TOP Media reportedly added that it was L.Joe who personally went through discussions with drama producers. While seemingly TOP Media was informed about the agreed results, the agency was purportedly already in the process of officially finalizing discussions. With regards to Teen Top’s upcoming March comeback, L.Joe reportedly agreed to participate in the forthcoming album and completed the first stages of recording. But reportedly L.Joe’s request for the termination of his contract caused snags in the album production process. Accordingly, TOP Media wants, and have requested L.Joe to return, as he is legally bound by his contract to do so. Moreover, TOP Media lamented that L.Joe should diligently resume his activities, even only for his fans who have supported him all this time. Members of TEEN TOP and TOP Media will apparently try hard to resolve the conflict with L.Joe, and clarify any misunderstanding. They expressed their hopes for L.Joe to spend quality time with fellow members without any further issues until his contract ends.

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