‘Tomorrowland’ Movie Soars High At The Box Office, But Plummets In Reviews From Critics!

'Tomorrowland' Movie Soars High At The Box Office
'Tomorrowland' Movie Soars High At The Box Office

“Tomorrowland” has been an anticipated film since its announcement last year, now that it has been released for the public and critics to watch, it seems that the film did not live up to the hype prior its release.

While it did well in the box-office, it seemed to have fallen short on the critics’ expectations.

According to Deadline , with the rate the movie is going, it is projected that it will earn around $10M to $12.3M this coming Friday and ultimately gain $38M to $40M plus on the long weekend ahead.  However, in terms of the reviews, credible movie sites,  Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic  have shown what is considered “undesirable” results. The former only gave it a 49% rating, and the latter gave it a 60%.

Adding to the low ratings, critics did not hold back on their reviews, Most of them expressed their disappointment in “Tomorrowland” and even went as far as dissing the whole film.

Angela Watercutter of Wired  wrote that the movie seemed like it was made by a 12-year-old.

“There’s a reason 12-year-olds don’t make movies – they’re great with premises, but not conclusions,” wrote the critic.

“Sadly, that’s the problem with ‘Tomorrowland,’ out today.

It’s a fun movie, clearly built with enthusiasm and love, but it’s an intellectual litterbug.” “It presents you with a scintillating idea-Nikola Tesla hiding scientific wonders in the Eiffel Tower, say, or a secret place in another dimension where people are trying to save humanity from its own self-destruction-only to discard it like some half-melted Dippin’ Dots in a theme-park trashcan,” she added.

Other critics felt the same way and had ther reviews lean towards the negative side.

As reported previously, the official synopsis for the “Tomorrowland” movie is as follows, “A former boy genius (George Clooney) and a gifted teenager (Britt Robertson) set out on a dangerous mission to unearth the secrets of ‘Tomorrowland,’ an enigmatic location caught between time and space.”

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