Today’s MV Releases in K-Pop- Sunmi, Momoland, DIA

Today's MV Releases in K-Pop- Sunmi, Momoland, DIA

Today's MV Releases in K-Pop- Sunmi, Momoland, DIA

Today was a rather busy and fun day for K-Pop’s most popular female idols to make a comeback. It seems August was simply chock-full of performances and releases and today 3 K-Pop acts released their MVs. Check out who down below! Sunmi, a previous member of the Wonder Girls, recently came back with her newest track from her new label titled “Gashina.” The song greatly panders to today’s audience as it has a trendy club-like beat infused with trap, rap and some EDM influences. The song matches the rest of the summer-oriented releases in K-Pop in 2017.
Cutesy girl group Momoland recently came back with “Freeze.” The song turns Summer into a circus-like wonderland as the girls cutely shine with their colorful MV and aegyo-filled style of singing. The song “Freeze” offers a fun and echoey chorus that is easy to sing along because of its English lyrics. Although an MV hasn’t been released yet, the girls of DIA are busier than ever performing their showcase for their new hit song “You’re A Different” off of their new album ‘Love Generation.’ As expected, the song is fun, happy and peppy which perfectly suits their new school girl image. Which new song and concept was your favorite to see today? Let us know who wowed you the most with their comeback down below!    

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